WPBA Revises Announced Changes for 2011

Just a week ago, the WPBA announced some changes from 2010, and the Board has taken note of, and now concurs with, many who have since noted that the elimination of the Regional Tour Championships was unfair.  WPBA Vice President Tamre Rogers observed: "In furtherance of its discussions, the Board recognized that Regional Tour players have invested time and money to earn a shot at winning a 2011 WPBA exempt spot and have earned the opportunity.  It is also understood that WPBA players who are exempt in 2010 but fail to finish in the top 32 in the end of year rankings must not be denied a chance to retain their tour cards."

For this reason, the Board has reconsidered its course, and notified its membership earlier today that there will be a WPBA qualifying event beginning on March 24 at Bogie's Billiards in Houston, Texas and that six WPBA Exempt spots for 2011 will be made available.  The WPBA is extremely appreciative of Kim White's  offer to stage this event and grateful for Bogie's Billiards commitment to add generously to the prize fund.

As was the case a year ago, WPBA pros that began 2010 exempt but failed to retain exemption based on ranking will be invited, along with 64 Regional Tour Players who earned the opportunity through their excellence in 2010 Regional Tour competition.

The Board is very pleased about  having an event that will ensure that pros losing their exemption and Regional Tour players hopeful of becoming WPBA players are afforded an opportunity to earn exempt status for 2011 WPBA play.

As a result of this change, at least fifteen players will move up to the pro ranks through the Regional Tour system, which will give the WPBA its biggest ever incoming class, and the WPBA looks forward with enthusiasm to the regular inclusion of so much emerging talent.

The onset of specific event qualifiers in the Regional Tour system is deferred until 2012,  and the WPBA Board apologizes to those Regional Tour Directors who welcomed their reintroduction.

Tamre Rogers concluded: "The WPBA Board believes that by revising this policy, it has acted in the best interests of its membership.  We look forward to working with our membership to make the upcoming event in March a great success."