WPBL Extends Hiatus

The World Professional Billiard League’s 2013 season will continue to remain on hiatus during the next few weeks. At present, an exact restart date of the Las Vegas based league has yet to be announced. 
During the last few weeks, the WPBL has worked tirelessly to rectify the unforeseen circumstances which have interrupted the league’s 2013 season. The management will continue to make the WPBL players a priority in every business decision made. With that said, it was discussed that a possible restart date of August 1, 2013 may have been plausible.  However, in order to align the additional finances as well as strengthen the business model, the WPBL will need to remain on hiatus for the time being.  
The WPBL players have continued their solidaric show of support during the stoppage of the season, and understand the importance of the league as it relates to the future of their careers as well as the billiards industry as a whole.  Chicago Rocket’s Captain Rodney Morris had this to say:  “I really love playing the game of Bonus Ball. I am looking forward to starting up again. After my recent US Open win, I’m anxious to continue the momentum.”
As the management works to resume the season, the staff have also continued to work industriously compiling a collection of the league’s “Top 10 Moments from Weeks 1-6” for the fans enjoyment. This 13 minute video can be viewed on the WPBL’s YouTube channel at:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3kXHF2UyFE&feature=c4overview&list=UUTPxeIH9z3GqcuyjFgjhfGq
On behalf of the WPBL players, staff and management, we would like to thank the fans and cue sport industry for their overwhelming words of encouragement for our continued success. Finally, it is our intention to keep everyone abreast of any new developments regarding the restart of the WPBL’s 2013 season as soon as that information becomes available. 
Please continue to follow the WPBL for additional updates: