WPBL To Go On Hiatus

Beginning immediately the World Professional Billiard League will go on hiatus from the league’s current schedule.  Over the next several weeks, the WPBL will begin a plan to correct mistakes made in the operation of the league by management.     
As most fans know, the WPBL endured unforeseen hurdles during the launch of the league. As a consequence of the fraudulent practices by the original contractor on the WPBL Arena's construction, the allotted operating capital for the league’s inaugural season had to be used to finish the construction on the arena. As a result, the WPBL has found itself in a difficult financial predicament only six weeks into the season. Unfortunately, the business model was not executed according to the original plan and consequently did not allow for such a setback. The WPBL has now been forced to re-evaluate our business structure and restart with a cohesive strategy for success.
During the next few weeks, the WPBL staff will take time to redistribute responsibilities and reform our strategies. Two weeks ago the players were informed of the league’s current financial status and have shown an allegiance of support to the WPBL by continuing to play during this time. Furthermore, the players are standing by our decision to recess the league’s season temporarily in an effort to restructure.
Both the WPBL staff and players have overwhelmingly spoke out with words of encouragement regarding the league. Most notably, Scott Frost captain of the Phoenix Fire had this to say:  “This league is the present and future of pro pool and I need the fans and the world to believe me when I tell you there’s no other game on earth we want to play. If you see the true passion of myself and all of the other players then you must believe we are behind this game and league 110% and look forward to the future as WPBL players!”
Philadelphia Aces captain Darren Appleton added “I love the game, it’s the best game I have ever played.  I believe in this game and I plead to the public to give it a chance, because it could be the best thing to happen to professional pool. This concept and game is where the future lies for billiards to become recognized globally and finally taken seriously.”
We at the WPBL acknowledge the mistakes made operating the league. In the coming weeks, we will make every effort to rectify these errors with the cooperation of the staff, players and fans.  The WPBL has every intention to continue the 2013 season by executing a newly developed business plan that has the support of the WPBL pros. 
During this time off, the WPBL will not only work to strengthen its internal structure, but help fans and skeptics understand how Bonus Ball is played. We recognize that some people are having a difficult time understanding various aspects of the game, including subtle rules, or how the scoring relates to the statistics and league standings. In the coming weeks, we look to improve our relationship with our fans as well as the billiards industry as a whole by responding to industry concerns such as this.
With the number of active billiards players declining throughout the globe, our goal at the WPBL has always to been to reinvigorate the sport whose rich history dates back to the 15th century, by adding proven contemporary sporting elements to the game. At present, although numbering in the millions, billiards fans would have a difficult time finding “pool” on traditional broadcast television.  Our mission is to create an outstanding production of a cue sport that is exciting to watch, challenging to play and esthetically pleasing to the eye. We believe that by building the first dedicated billiards arena in the world, it is evident that we are committed to advancing the future of the sport through the creation of Bonus Ball as well as the World Professional Billiard League.  
Finally, anyone who has bought WPBL PPV access will be contacted in the coming weeks regarding compensation for their purchase. 
On behalf of all involved, we want to thank the fans and the billiard community as a whole, for their patience and understanding during this time.  The WPBL staff and players will diligently work over the next few weeks to make improvements in all aspects of the corporation for the betterment of league, the players and the industry. 
Please continue to follow the WPBL for additional updates: