WPBL World Professional Billiard League unveils new uniforms

World Wide Sport of Billiards, vice-president, Barry Bremner is a firm believer that Bonus Ball is to be marketed as a sport. All professional sports have one thing in common. Uniforms and a numbering system that will be incorporated into the WPBL. "Like Nascar, football and other sports, the WPBL will have numbers associated to each player." stated Bremner. "Larry and I also are a firm believer in uniforms. Image is very important when presenting yourself to the public. Our players are some of the very best players in the world and we want to represent them as such!"

Each player has chosen or was given a number. That number is incorporated into the WPBL logo design. When the audience in Winnipeg comes to the event, if they are not familiar with the players, they can look at the number and instantly know the name of the player. A larger banner will bear the name and number of each player. I will also have the country flag by each name so they know who each player represents. The American flag will be most prominent, with six players heralding from the United States.

Each player will wear a different color during the games. World Champion many times over, Nick Varner, fittingly choose to wear the number one on his jersey.  Johnny Archer will wear the number nine, a fitting number for the hall of famer. Filipino super star, Francisco Bustamante was given the number "perfect" ten. Canadian, Erik Hjorleifsion will be wearing the number four that was worn by the hockey legend, Bobby Orr! Orr was perhaps the greatest hockey player that ever lived. John Schmidt has taken the number seven and Corey Deuel chose to go with "lucky" thirteen! Rodney Morris wanted "007" but had to settle for double zero! Shane Van Boening will be wearing the number twenty two.  Go to playbonusball.com for all the new information on Bonus Ball and the WPBL.