WPC Day Six Complete

Efren Reyes

Day six is complete at the 2004 World Pool Championship and the field has now been narrowed to sixteen players.

Two more former champions were eliminated on Thursday as last year's winner Thorsten Hohmann lost 9-1 to Chin-Ching Kang and Mika Immonen lost 9-7 to Niclas Bergendorff.

Continuing his surprising run through 9-ball juggernauts was Marlon Manalo from the Philippines. Manalo upset Ching-Shun Yang on Wednesday and followed that up with a 9-5 win over Francisco Bustamante on Thursday. Manalo never trailed in the match and will face Efren Reyes on Friday.

Two former champions who could be on a collision course towards each other are Fong-Pang Chao and Earl Strickland. Chao scored a 9-5 win over Patrick Ooi, while Strickland defeated Che-Wei Fu 9-7. Chao and Strickland could meet up in the semi-finals.

Marquee matches lined up for Friday include Manalo vs Reyes, Johnny Archer vs Bergendorff, Chao vs Imran Majid and Chin-Ching Kang vs Rodolfo Luat.

Final 64 brackets are posted and up to the minute match scores are always available on the official website for the World Pool Championship at www.worldpoolchampionship.com

Photo courtesy of Matchroom Sport