Xtreme Billiards Announces Partnership with Ralf Souquet

Ralf Souquet will break and jump with the X Breaker Cue

Xtreme Billiard Technology, Ltd is pleased to announce a new partnership with World Champion Ralf "The Kaiser" Souquet. Mr. Souquet is a U.S. Open Champion, Derby City Classic 9-Ball Champion, World Pool Masters Champion, U.S. Straight Pool Champion, as well as a holder of numerous other titles.

"We are very happy that Mr. Souquet has chosen to use the X breaker jump break cue, which is engineered to offer the players extreme power with perfect control on the cue ball. Mr. Souquet is well-known for his surgical precision with the cue ball, and we are looking forward to Mr. Souquet's future success with his new X breaker." said Richard Chan of Xtreme Billiard Technology, Ltd.

Mr. Souquet will wear the X Breaker logo and use the X breaker exclusively for his break and jump shots. For those of you interested in the precise power of Mr. Souquet's break, please visit www.xtremebilliard.com or check out the break/jump instructional videos on www.YouTube.com at the following links:

Break instructional video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obUceCHVgMU

Jump instructional video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxzNT5_Fc20

Ralf Souquet's website: http://www.souquet.de/

Launched in 2005, the X Breaker jump break cue debuted to much acclaim and has enjoyed continued popularity ever since. In order to meet the increasing demand of players worldwide, Xtreme Billiard Technology has formed a partnership with custom cue maker Samsara Cues (www.samsaracues.com). All X breakers are built to the exacting standards of Samsara Custom Cues while employing the latest technology developed by Xtreme Billiard Technology, Ltd.

X Breaker will be showcased in the Super Billiards Expo in March, please come and visit our booth.