Young Skyler Woodward takes down a field of 150 to capture his first Midwest Event

Skyler Woodward, TD Evelyn Dysart, sponsor Josh Treadway, 2nd Shane McMinn


Open 9-ball results: 
In the hot seat match, it was young 19-year-old Skyler Woodward winning 9-8 against Shane McMinn. On the loser’s side, it was Alex Olinger losing to Shane Mcminn 9-5 to finish 3rd place in the tournament, which placed Shane in the finals. Being a true double elimination tournament Shane would have to beat the young gun Skyler twice to win the championships. Shane won the first set 9-6 and lost the second set 9-4 to finish 2nd place. Skyler Woodward from Ledbetter, KY was ecstatic to win his first Mid-West championships. He later confessed that he was tired of finishing in the top-10 in previous events and surprised himself by winning the tournament.  

One-pocket results:
The final four the of winners side was John Gabriel winning over Bob Dickerson 3-1 and Michael Perron Jr. winning over Robert Frost 3-2. The hot-seat match it was John Gabriel over Michael Parron Jr. 3-1. 

On the losers side it was last times winner Mark Haddad who had a series of wins including Alex Olinger 3-2, Joey Gray 3-1, Tommy Tokoph 3-1, Juan Perez 3-1, Bob Dickerson 3-0, Robert Frost 3-2 whom finished 4th in the tournament, Michael Parron Jr. 3-1 whom finished 3rd in the tournament. And in the finals it was Mark Haddad who had a serious run to win the title but came short by losing in the first set 3-1 against hot-seat winner John Gabriel. Congratulations to John for going undefeated to win another Mid-West One-pocket championships. 

Ladies results:  
In the final four of the winners bracket, Melissa Little won over Karen Lincoln 7-4 and Nicole Keeney winning over Jessica Frideres 7-6. In the hot-seat match Nicole won over Melissa 7-5 and in the losers bracket young Liz Lovely won a few matches in a row to lose to Melissa 7-2 to finish 3rd in the tournament. Being a true double elimination tournament Melissa won the first set against Nicole 7-5, and in the final match Melissa won 7-4 to win the championships again. 

A special thanks to all of the players who participated, tournament director Evelyn Dysart, owner of Shooters Billiards in Olathe, KS Dan Tull and the entire staff of the pool hall for making this event successful. Till next time