Youngest team ever to win German Premier League

BC Sindelfingen’s Benjamin Baier, Jakob Belka, Marco Tschudi and Jörn Kaplan

Four youngsters are over the top by winning Europe's toughest league. Jörn Kaplan (28), Marco Tschudi (27), Jakob Belka (25) and Benjamin Baier (22), playing for the Billard Club Sindelfingen, beat them all on the way to win the title in the German Pool League 2008/09. A little bit underestimated after non other than Oliver Ortmann has left the team, these guys played an awesome season.

Germany, known for its high-performance players like Ralph Souquet, Oliver Ortmann, Thomas Engert, Thorsten Hohmann, Andreas Roschkowsky and many more, has always been the place to be for pool players in Europe. There is no other European league harder and tougher to win than this! Filled up with other European players like Niels Feijen, Roman Hybler, Kaspar Kristofferson, Bahram Lotfy, Erik Weiselius and others, every year there is a guarantee of big matches and great challenge.

As well as the raining and earlier champions, the boosted teams like Fortuna Straubing (with Christian Reimering) and BC Oberhausen (with Roschkowsky and Feijen) couldn't get ahead of the guys from Sindelfingen.

An astonishing start into the season with 12:0 after six days of play was followed by a steady performance (12 wins, 2 draws, 0 loss) made the other team looking one step behind. In this season we have seen a synchronized team, all teammates being on the same wavelength. Also the team's overall performance is impressive – all four players lead the league's single ranking!