Yu Ram Cha wins Spirit Tour Qualifier

Yu Ram Cha

Yu Ram Cha has spent most of the year gathering up WPBA Tour qualifiers all across the country, and the Ladies Spirit Tour stop at Strokers Billiards in Palm Harbor, Florida this weekend was no exception.

Cha started on Saturday with a bye and won her three matches for the day with a combined score of 21-6.

Sunday dawned with only Cha and Tracie Hines left without a loss and playing for the hot-seat. That match was fairly anti-climactic as Cha cruised to a 5-0 lead and Hines seemed incapable of getting anything going at all. Final score for the hot-seat match: Cha 7 Hines 0.

Hines quickly righted the ship and crushed Jeannie Seaver 7-1 on the one loss side to earn a rematch with Cha in the finals.

Cha already knew that she had this qualifier won, as Hines is a WPBA touring pro and was not elegible for the qualifier. But Cha was not interested in just settling for the qualifier on this day.

The finals stayed close with both players tied at 5-5. An early 9-ball in the eleventh game got Cha to the hill at 6-5 and a foul by Hines in the final game was her last chance at the table as Cha ran out for the 7-5 win.

Cha added $600 in prize money to the WPBA Nationals qualifier, while Hines settled for $400 in second place prize money.