Z9 Billiards Cloth joins Flamingo Billiards Tour as new sponsor


The Flamingo Billiards Tour is excited to announce Z9 Billiards Cloth as a new sponsor of the FBT! Produced in Germany using the modern application of web technologies (according to DIN 9001) the "Z9" is a quality billiard cloth product with an unbeatable price comparison.  This high-tech product was designed and developed by Klaus Zobrekis, a former top international player and billiard café manager. "I am pleased to support the Flamingo Billiards Tour," Zobrekis announced. "All of the rooms hosting a FBT event this year will receive a free 9' cut of cloth to try it out. I am sure the room owners will be surprised to see how well it plays and how long it lasts." 

Z9 cloth offers superior quality and endurance. "I was often disappointed in the weakness and short-lived billiard cloths available. So I decided to develop my own billiard cloth based on my own extensive years in the billiard industry," Zobrekis said. "What makes this cloth unique is its high resistance to hole and nodule formation, its long-lasting wear time, optimal grip, consistent quality and true color rendering. Z9 cloth requires less maintenance time and effort."

The FBT players who have played at Slate Billiards in Boynton Beach have played on this cloth. "I was surprised to see that after more than two years the cloth is still wearing and playing amazingly well," said Mimi McAndrews, FBT Director. "We love playing on it. It's smooth and seems to be more resistant to the type of every day wear that you see with other cloth in many billiard rooms."  Mike Bradford, owner of Slate Billiards in Boynton Beach, Florida, is the distributor for Z9 Billiards Cloth in the U.S. 

The next FBT event is March 9th at Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, Florida. All players attending this event will also receive Z9’s new chalk, similar to the Kamui chalk but less expensive.

For more information about the Flamingo Billiards tour, visit http://www.flamingobilliardstour.com/.  For information about Z9 Billiards Cloth, visit http://z9usa.wordpress.com/about-z9/  or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Z9-Billiard-Cloth-USA/127094407368627.