Zalewska Takes Second EPBF Event In A Row

Oliwia Zalewska (POL) wins the Predator Antalya Open 2019 with a fortunate victory over Tina Vogelmann (GER) in the final match.
Zalewska, before she married known as Czuprynska, took her second Euro-Tour title in a row since her marriage in October this year. After her impressive performance in Klagenfurt, she was back to Antalya so she could take her good from up and see who would be able to stop her here. In fact, she lost her first match against Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR) with 4:7. Being sent to the loser’s side, she defeated Elise Qiu (NED) 7:2 and Yvonne Ullmann-Hybler (GER) 7:3 to get back to the single elimination stage. There, Zalewska took revenge of Kateryna Polovinchuk and won 7:5 to oust her Ukrainian opponent. The next victim was Melanie Suessenguth (GER) who fell 7:4 to Zalewska. In the semi-final, Zalewska eliminated favoured Kristina Tkach (RUS) with 7:5. That booked her a seat in the final match where she met Tina Vogelmann. The German was playing her first final match and also showed some strong performance here in Antalya. Among others, she overcame Tamara Peeters (NED) 7:6, Marharyta Fefilava (BLR) 7:4 and Christine Steinlage (GER) 7:3. The odds in the final match were clearly in favour of Zalewska. But Vogelmann clung to her chance. In the early stage of the match, Vogelmann even took a lead over Zalewska. After six racks, Vogelmann was 4:2 up. Then Zalewska took three racks in a row to take a 5:4 lead herself. It came to 6:6 with rack #13 having to be the decider. Here, Vogelmann opened the rack and had no ball pocketed. Zalewska played a push-out which was answered by Vogelmann with a nice safety shot. Zalewska had no straight shot on the 1-ball. She went rail first and fortunately made the 1-ball in the side pocket of the opposite rail. Then, Zalewska attempted to pocket the 2-ball in the other side pocket but also missed it. However, the 2-ball went into the corner pocket, leaving an open layout for Zalewska. The Polish ran the table and won the match with the help of lady luck with 7:6 over unlucky Tina Vogelmann.
Top Eight Finishers Predator Antalya Open 2019
1. Oliwia Zalewska POL
2. Tina Vogelmann GER
3. Kristina Tkach RUS
    Christine Steinlage GER
5. Pia Filler GER
    Melanie Suessenguth GER
    Diana Stateczny GER
    Marharyta Fefilava BLR
This concludes the coverage from the Predator Antalya Open 2019.
The Predator Antalya Open were played in the Limak Atlantis Resort in Belek, Turkey, on up to 20 tables which were all streamed LIVE throughout the whole event. In order to be able to follow all the action LIVE, premium membership can be obtained at Once a premium membership is held, all events for the respective period of time can be viewed LIVE. Additionally, a huge video gallery is contained in the website.
The event was hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or visit us on Facebook for regular news clips or contact our press office