Zvi ‘grinds out’ an undefeated win on the Predator Tour

It had been four years between victories on the New York-based Predator Tour, so when Zion Zvi chalked an undefeated one up on Sunday, April 26, one had to wonder whether he was 'back,' so to speak.
He hadn't really gone anywhere to be 'back' from, actually. From an earnings high of $9.5K in 2009, Zvi had continued to compete, consistently in the money on the Predator Tour, the Joss Tour (which he won twice in 2010), the Mezz Tour (which he won twice in 2011), and events like the annual George "Ginky" Sansouci Memorial (4th in 2012, 5th in 2013). But by last year, cashing in seven events, his pool earnings had dropped to just over $2K.
"I don't have that confidence," he said, the day after winning the Predator's $500-added, Open/Pro event that drew 13 entrants to Steinway Billiards in Astoria (Queens), NY. "I have to build that up. I still feel like I'm grinding it out every game."
"I felt good," he added of his general play in the tournament. "I felt like I hit the ball solidly and (developed) a little more confidence in my game."
In a winners' side semifinal against Jorge Rodriguez, he 'ground out' a double hill win, as Hunter Lombardo was busy sending  Predator TD Tony Roble to the loss side 7-5. Zvi got by Lombardo in the hot seat match 7-5 (one game from a second, grinding double hill) and waited on his return.
On the loss side, Robles picked up Steve Wright, who'd defeated Dave Shlemperis and Frankie Hernandez, both double hill,  to reach him. Rodriguez drew Ruben Batista, who'd gotten by Jerry Tarantola 7-5 and given up only one rack to Chris Derewonski.
Robles and Rodriguez advanced to the quarterfinals; Robles 7-3 over Wright, Rodriguez 7-5 over Batista. Robles took the quarterinal match 7-5 over Rodriguez, and then, by the same score, was defeated by Lombardo in the semifinals.
Back to the grind. Zvi and Lombardo locked up in a race to 11 that went to double hill before Zvi closed it out to win his first Open/Pro Predator stop since 2011.
"I was trailing the whole match," he said of the finals. "Down 9-5 and I came back, but I couldn't make a ball on the break, and every time I left him an open table, he was out."
The win hasn't exactly caused any major changes in his fortunes related to pool. He still enjoys the game, and obviously, can still compete. His life priorities, however, have changed, and he's more focused on his day job ("construction," he said).
"I know my level is up there," he said. "It makes me happy when I win, but I move on with my life. It's enough."