OB Cues to Host January Gold Giveaway
Jerry Forsyth
Jan. 7, 2016

OB Cues has stepped up to reward the AZB Gold Members in January. These OB Cues and shafts are all made in the USA (Plano, Texas) and are created from blank to finish all under the same roof. This month our First Place Winner will receive the new OB-160 Spectre Cue. The OB-160 Spectre pool cue features a birdseye maple forearm with 4 very long and very sharp infinity inlay cocobolo points, an irish linen wrap and a cocobolo sleeve. This cue also has a Straight Line Core (SLC). The SLC construction guarantees a cue that is straighter, stronger, more stable and stiffer. This means that your cue will be built straight, stay straight and hit great.

This cue also has a Centralized Balance System. This means that weight has been placed in very specific locations throughout the butt of the cue to create an evenly balanced cue with feedback that is both crisp and lively. It really has to be felt to be appreciated. Custom feel in a production cue!

Every new OB Cue comes with your choice of either an OB-1+, OB-2+, OB Classic+, OB Pro+, OB-XL+ or OB-XL Classic+ shaft. If you are not sure which shaft to choose then you can find out more about OB shafts and the differences between each one HERE

This cue has a modified 3/8 X 10 wood to wood joint, an Everest Tip and is 58 inches long.

Our Second Place winner will receive the OB Rift Rubber Grip Break Cue. The Rift features a Midnight Blue handle built using our straight line core (SLC) technology, your Choice of either the Speed Break or Control Break Shaft, and your choice of either the rubber grip or no wrap.

The Speed Break shaft at 13.25mm has a white linen melamine ferrule and a very hard phenolic tip while the Control Break shaft is 13mm with the OB laminated maple ferrule and a hard Samsara leather tip.

Third through Fifth place winners all get their choice of any of the fine OB Shafts which OB will finish to match your cue. Learn all about these shafts at www.OBCues.com. Your choices include:

OB-1+ Soft, Quiet Hit?, Tip Diameter: 12.75mm?Ferrule: ¾” Laminated Maple? Modified Pro Taper? Low Deflection


OB-2+?Soft, Quiet Hit,? Tip Diameter: 11.75mm? Ferrule: ½” Laminated Maple ?Modified Conical Taper ?Ultra-Low Deflection?


OB Classic+ ?Firm, Crisp Hit ?Tip Diameter: 12.75mm?, Ferrule: ?” White Linen Melamine?, Modified Pro Taper, ?Low Deflection?


OB Pro+ ?Firm, Crisp Hit?, Tip diameter: 11.75mm, ?Ferrule: ?” White Linen Melamine?, Modified Conical Taper?, Ultra-Low Deflection


OB-XL+? Soft, Quiet Hit, ?Tip Diameter: 13.25mm?, Ferrule: ¾” Laminated Maple, ?Modified Pro Taper, ?Low Deflection?


OB-XL Classic+? Firm, Crisp Hit?, Tip Diameter: 13.25mm, ?Ferrule: ?” White Linen Melamine, ?Modified Pro Taper, ?Low Deflection?