Full name
Thorsten HOHMANN
Jul. 14, 1979
Jacksonville, FL, USA

Year active
Lucasi, Kamui, QPod
2017 Year in Review
$28,700 24th
$4,000 2nd US Open 14/1 2017
$3,500 2nd West Coast 9 Ball Pro Challenge
$10,000 3rd 2017 China Open Men's Division
$2,000 5th Turning Stone Classic XXVII
$1,600 5th US Open 8-Ball 2017
$2,500 9th World Cup of Pool
$2,000 9th The Aramith Masters
$2,000 9th Molinari Players Championship
$700 17th RYO Rack Classic
$400 23rd DCC 2017 9B Div.

Mr. Hohmann was born and raised in Fulda, Germany and at a very young age had always been interested in sports playing soccer, table tenis, and badminton. At the age of nine his father took him to a local pool hall and on his 10 birthday he received a miniature pool table. By age twelve Mr. Hohmann and a friend began playing pool at a local pool hall. To try and save money he began paying a monthly fee to play at a local pool hall called Pool-Billard Club Fulda. By age 16 he had won his first open adult tournament with 128 players in the State of Hessia.

In 2003 Mr. Hohmann became, at age 23, the younest man to that date to win the WPA World Championships. (This was since eclipsed by Wu Chia Ching who won at age 16.) Mr. Hohmann moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2004 and remains a resident there. Some of his career wins:

World Pool Championships - 2003

Pool-Billiard Continental Cup - 2003

New Jersey 14.1 Championships - 2003

Sudden Death 7-Ball - 2005

World Pool League - 2005

BCA Open - 2005

IPT North American Open - 2006

World Tourney of 14.1 - 2006

Turning Stone Classic VI - 2006

Asian 10-Ball Championship - 2008

Accu-Stats 14.1 Invitational - 2008

Quezon City Invasion - 2008

Lucasi Hybrid 14.1 Championship - 2008

China Open - 2009

All-Japan Championship - 2010

Philippines Open - 2011

World Cup of Pool - 2011

World Tourney of 14.1 - 2011