14and1.com Creates Nationwide 14.1 Leagues

**Host Rooms and League Operators Wanted**

Straight pool enthusiasts now have an alternative to 8-ball and 9-ball leagues to enjoy their favorite game in a league format with a uniform handicap system that allows players to compete nationwide with fellow 14and1.com members. 14and1.com has developed a unique handicap system that allows 14.1 players of any level to participate on a level playing field , from beginners to the seasoned player. Leagues are formed with a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 16 players. Leagues are also "National Qualifiers" , the top 2 finishers from all leagues qualify for the annual 14and1.com National Championships , tentatively set for May 2008 , all leagues must start and end before May 1st 2008 to have their qualifiers participate in the '08 Nationals , any league ending after May 1st 2008 will qualify players for the May 2009 Nationals , and so on.

We believe straight pool can be brought back to the popular status it once enjoyed , we believe our system will bring new players into straight pool and provide the much needed uniform format for 14.1 enthusiasts all across the USA.

For more information and to order a free league start-up package please visit www.14and1.com.