2005 Connelly Patriot Cup Teams Announced

The 3rd Annual Connelly Patriot Cup teams have a variety of new first timers to the event. Viking Cues is sponsoring the North Team and Image Cue is sponsoring the South Team. Here they are...

The Viking North

Tony Robles *Captain 3 Year Patriot Cup Veteran 2004 BCA Open Champion
Mika Immonen 3 Year Patriot Veteran 2x Patriot Cup MVP Korea International Champion
Mike Davis Patriot Rookie 2003 UPA Rookie of the Year
Danny Basavich Patriot Rookie 2004 UPA Rookie of the Year
Shawn Putnam Patriot Rookie Current #1 in UPA Calendar Rankings
Tiffany Nelson Patriot Rookie Womens Top 10 in the World

The Image Que South

Johnny Archer *Captain 2 Year Patriot Cup Veteran #1 UPA Seeding Rankings
Charlie Williams 3 Year Patriot Veteran #1 Brunswick KPT International Rankings
Rodney Morris 2 Year Patriot Veteran 2003 World Pool League Champion
Thorsten Hohmann Patriot Rookie 2005 BCA Open Champion
John Schmidt Patriot Rookie 2003 Legends of Straight Pool Champion
Miyuki Sakai Patriot Rookie 2004 Korea International Champion

The Patriot Cup is in its third year at Planet 9-Ball, Tampa FL and tickets for the event is now on sale call 813-818-POOL. The Patriot Cup flyer and ad with additional info and updates will be available at www.dragonpromotions.com