2005 Patriot Cup Underway

All 12 players for the 3rd Annual Connelly Patriot Cup arrived without any problems. The event started off with the 3rd Annual Patriot Cup Sponsor Pro Am event which paired up the pros with a sponsor including Cris Gould and Dave Miller of Connelly, Rob & Leann Sapp of LTL Universe.com, Kenny Miller of Planet 9 Ball, Rocky McElroy of Capones, Kay Higgins of Fury Amateur Tour, and Cindy Lee of Dragon Promotions. In the end, Dave Miller of Connelly and John Schmidt won the event in a sudden death shootout against Cindy Lee and Shawn Putnam.

In the Pro Scotch Doubles Ringgame, a North player was paired up with a South player which amounted to teams of Robles & Schmidt, Morris & Davis, Williams & Basavich, Nelson and Immonen, Sakai & Hohmann, Archer & Putnam. It was a very interesting and sometimes funny match as all 12 players particpated in the ringgame. In the end, The Korean Dragon & Kid Delicious put away Iron Mike & the Rocket to win the $300 first place prize.

The conclusion of the night was the Fan Challenge Matches. All 12 players took on challengers for an hour straight raising $380 for Katrina victims. The fans that beat the pro one game qualified for a special tournament where local player "Elbows" won the event and earned a free autographed Connelly Patriot Cup program book signed by all the players and he will also receive Johnny Archer's Patriot Cup shirt signed by Archer.

Afterwards, the players from both sides had some strong words for the opposing teams and some projections of how the matches will go.....

"First they lost the Civil War, then they lost last years Patriot Cup. I intend to help the South continue their losing streak. Captain Robles is going to lead us into victory once again!" - Shawn Putnam

"Last year I gave away the Patriot Cup to the North...but this year i'm going to redeem myself. I'm gonna open a can of whoop ass on them yankees this time!" - Johnny Archer

"Last year the North won with me...this year they are gonna lose without me. They ain't got no shot. Alrighhhtt!"- Rodney Morris

"Those South players must be scared. First they stole one of our players (Rodney) and then they import a player from another country (Hohmann). Can't these guys win on their own?" - Tony Robles

"When I was in NYC, I couldn't find anyone to bet $50 on themselves against me. I guess we're going to have to teach these Northerners how to play some straight pool. And in case no one knows, anyone with a New York driver's license can get even One Pocket action with me anytime!" - John Schmidt

Tomorrow the matches start at 12pm and ends at 9pm. For ticket info call Planet 9 Ball at 813-891-1450. Matches continue on same schedule for Sunday.