2008 Carolina Open One-Ten Ball Champ Crowned – Charlie Bryant

Doug Ennis, Charlie Bryant, Johnny Archer and Bucky Braxton

The 2008 Carolina Open finished up Sunday evening after several days of many monstrous match-ups.  On Sunday the final eight players started with, on the winner's side, Johnny Archer v. Keith Bennett and Brian White v. Jason Klatt.  The one-loss reflected Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant v. Michael Fuller and Sam Monday v. Chris Bartrum.

It would prove to be a day of close matches as Jason Klatt came out on top of Brian White in a tight 11-10 set; and Johnny Archer jumped into the hot-seat with Klatt after besting Keith Bennett 11-4.

The fatalities on the one-loss side right off the bat, Michael Fuller.  Bryant did not run away with the match though – Fuller held strong until the end (score 11-10).  The other match in the same round sent Sam Monday home for the week due to a dominating loss to Chris Bartrum 11-2.

Unfortunately for Bartrum, that would be the last match he would win as the next round he was booted by Brian White 11-10.  Bryant did the same to Bennett in an overwhelming 11-2 final. Hillbilly and White battled it out to determine who would make it to the semis to face Archer, but the result ended up being 11-5 in favor Bryant.  Archer held the hot-seat after his win over Klatt 11-6.

The semis was all about Charlie Bryant as he pounded Jason Klatt 11-3 to begin the marathon final round with Archer.  Sporting overalls, which is quite fitting for the name, Bryant dug deep to stay in the match.  The live streaming counter did not fall below 100 viewers through the entire match as there were a few of us hanging around to see the event come to a close. Ironically, the stream chat was more entertaining than the match at times.  Both men played fantastic, but the speed in which they played was a snore-fest to say the least, not to mention the rack spot change and the need to have the tournament director rack the final games.

But finally at approximately 5 a.m. (eastern time), the match that began at approximately 1 a.m. finished with the 2008 Carolina Open Ten Ball Champion standing tall, Charlie Bryant (15-12).  At 14-10, Bryant missed an opportunity to kick at a safe due to a shot clock violation, giving Archer ball in hand and Archer attempted a comeback, but it was obvious the duration of the day was starting to kick in and he could not bring it to tie up the match.

Many thanks to Fast Eddie's Sports Bar and Grill in Goldsboro, North Carolina (www.fasteddiessportsbar.com) for supporting the players and the sport with this annual event; to the players and spectators that attended this year; to Doug Ennis, Tournament Director, for not only his day-to-day duties but for keeping our readers updated on the happenings; Bucky Braxton (Sponsorships/Information/Registration); and Gene Hooker (Sponsorships/Information).