2008 World Straight Pool Championship Secure

2008 World Straight Pool Championship Secure

Manhattan,NY- Dragon Promotions proudly announces that fans and players will be pleased to know that the 2008 World 14.1 Championship will see the event grow and continue on. This is largely due to the impact of the event's newest benefactor Dr. Michael Fedak of New York City. Dr.Fedak will be joining World 14.1 patron sponsor Joel Schapiro as the event's main sponsors. Both men are residents of New York City. With the addition of Dr. Fedak's support, the World 14.1 Championship looks to have a very bright future.

"The World Straight Pool Championship is important for the sport. So many fans and players are in love with this event. That's the main reason of my involvement, I don't want any doubt about the future of this event. I am insuring its growth and future." said Dr. Michael Fedak, the World 14.1 Championships newest patron sponsor.

"This event has alot of meaning for players and fans. I enjoyed the event as a sponsor and a player, but most of all as a lover of 14.1 " said Joel Schapiro.

Next year Comet Billiards of New Jersey, who was selected as the Official Poolroom of the World 14.1 Championship, will tentatively plan to have the Official Players Meeting for the World Straight Pool Championship , as well as a Charity Event,and Exhibition 14.1 Challenge Match the night before the main event starts. Tickets for the main event will also be sold there as well as online.

"For this particular event, we rely heavily on the committment of people that love the game of straight pool, " admits Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions, "People like Joel Schapiro and Dr.Michael Fedak are keeping this game alive. The World Straight Pool Championship could only thrive in a place like the New Jersey and New York City area because that's where the love for the game is the deepest. "

The World Straight Pool Championship is slated for the summer of 2008.

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