The World Straight Pool Championship

John Schmidt

Dragon Promotions is pleased to announce the revival of the World Straight Pool Championship. The event will take place in the New York City vicinity of the US on April 5-9, 2006.

There is already a buzz among some top players anticipating the event including committments from Legends of Straight Pool Champion John "Mr.400" Schmidt, European Straight Pool Champion Thorsten Hohmann, NYC legend Tony Robles, and former World Champion Bobby Hunter. "Straight pool is one of the most purest games ever, and the very first game that I learned. It's definitely one of my best games and I've dreamed of the day where I could compete with the world's best for the World Title ," says Schmidt. BCA Open Champion Hohmann says, "I am very excited about The World Straight Pool Championship! I feel straight pool is not only my favorite game, but my best game...and I finally can show the world my skills in it. Straight pool is finally back where it belongs."

The event has been in planning for several months now, but the primary reason of the event being brought to NYC has been the influence and support of one of straight pool's biggest philanthropist, Randy Goldwater NYC. Goldwater has been a consistent supporting icon of pool in New York City for years befriending such notables as George "Ginky" SanSouci and Tony "Silent Assasin" Robles. "When I heard that Dragon Promotions was planning the revival of the World 14.1 Championship, I knew right away that this event had to be in the New York City area. It's been too long since the last big one, and with the global diversity of players in the field that's being invited and going to attend, this may be the toughest and greatest straight pool event ever in history. I'm happy to be a part of the event and plan on supporting this for years to come."

The World Straight Pool Championship will be an elite field of 64 players including 10 qualifiers held throughout the US, Latin America, and Canada. Invitations are being sent now to players around the world and will also play host to former straight pool title holders and Hall of Famers.

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