2013 in Review – Part Four – Bonus Ball and The Mosconi Cup

Niels Feijen made the final 9-Ball and ended the year with the coveted Mosconi Cup MVP trophy

Bonus Ball came. And went. And came again. And went. And may come again. What we know is that eventually everyone got paid even though the final week was played at a discount. And we know that the founder, Larry Chiborak, has a dream he refuses to give up on and that he is as tenacious as anyone we have come across in his zeal to see Bonus Ball prosper as the professional game. Does he have a long road and are the odds against him pretty severe? Sure. But his position seems to be that bigger hills have been climbed and that if he can develop a core team that he can succeed. In the end Bonus Ball got the blame for a lot of what happened in 2013, but upon closer examination that is far too easy an answer. No one entity knocked all of the pins out of pro pool this year but many of them contributed. Some contributed more than others.

And then there was the 20th Annual Mosconi Cup. However you slice it and no matter what else you say Team EUROPE handed Team USA an old-fashioned ass-whooping. They won 11-2 and shortened the event by an entire day and a half with their total dominance of the table. There is no shortage of opinions as to the root of the loss. What must be remembered is that Team USA handed out a worse beating in 2001 when they trampled Team Europe 12-1. Comebacks are possible and Matchroom is unwavering in their support of the event.

All of this brings us to the point where we only have three pro points events announced for 2014. But where one door closes another opens.

The various regional tours are alive and well and their fans are now enjoying watching players like Earl Strickland, Mike Dechaine, Thorsten Hohmann and Dennis Hatch and many, many other top pros who are driven by the drought to whatever oasis they can find. Especially in the Northeast the shortstops are having to dodge very high-caliber ammo. As these ’name’ players continue to show up in regional events the fan base could expand and the tours may find greater and greater success coming their way.


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