2013 in Review – Part Three – The Big Opens and Turning Stone

Shane Van Boening's big break was one of the keys of his numerous successes in 2013

The CSI "Open" events held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas during the summer, were well-attended and went off with the usual CSI efficiency. Once again we had stellar play. Our finals in the US Open 8-Ball found a hero who was new to many of the American fans, but Asians know Carlo Biado well. This sharpshooting young man from the Philippines is not afraid of any shot. But he was going up against Shane Van Boening on his home turf and you can’t do well long with that task. Still, he put up a magnificent fight and carried the scoreline out to 12-11 Shane’s favor before Van Boening put him away in the next rack to claim his win.

The US Open 10-Ball event gave us one of the best come-from-behind wins in a final that we have seen in many years. It appeared that Dennis Orcollo would simply walk over Rodney Morris for the check. He led 9-2 in the race to 13 and was running out every time he came to the table while Morris could never get an opportunity to even start his journey. But then Orcollo suffered a dry break and Morris took over. From that point on Orcullo would only claim one more point while Morris kept racking up win after win. In the end Morris got to the hill at 12-10 and looked good to win easily. Then he dogged the 10 ball and Orcollo faced a shot everyone was certain he would make. But he failed in that attempt and Morris pocketed the 10 for the win.

Orcollo did not have a bad week, however. In addition to that second-place in 10 Ball he took home a victory in the US Open One Pocket where he defeated Corey Deuel 5-3 in the finals.

Turning Stone is always a great event and 2013 was a great one with Earl Strickland defeating Jeremy Sossei in the finals of the Summer Event and Shane Van Boening winning out over Johnny Archer in the January trial. This event has a lot going for it for the spectators. You not only get to watch the best pool players in the world for free while sitting in very comfortable concert arena seating, you also get the experience of Turning Stone itself. At TS you get your chalice of many fine restaurants. You can choose from steakhouses, Italian, Asian or America cuisine. Even their food court is exemplary. They have a sandwich shop there that serves the best Pastrami and Cheese anywhere outside of New York proper. And there is lots of gambling and nightlife with clubs and shows aplenty from which too choose. If you live in the Northeast Turning Stone is a trip you should make.

The U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships was hosted as always by Barry Behrman and his Daughter Shannon Paschall. The event had been plagued in recent years with slow payouts to players but this year it all went like clockwork. Even though the relationship was not always without some stormy weather, Behrman and the ABP were able to pull it off and cooperate to the point where all players walked away with cash in hand or a check they could cash that day. And Shane Van Boening won his third U.S.Open title in his march to challenge the record of five wins by Earl Strickland.

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