Full name
Jan. 27, 1979
Bislig, Philippines

Bugsy Promotions, Tiger Products
Tiger Cues
2020 Year in Review
$59,650 1st
$20,000 1st Derby City Classic 2020 Master of the Table
$16,000 1st DCC 2020 9B Banks Div.
$4,000 1st 6th Texas Open 10-Ball Championship
$4,000 1st MCC 2020 Midnight Madness
$1,700 1st 2020 Scotty Townsend Memorial 10-Ball Mini
$2,600 2nd MCC 2020 Open Div
$4,850 3rd DCC 2020 9B Div.
$3,000 3rd 2020 Scotty Townsend Memorial One Pocket
$1,600 3rd Andy Mercer Mem. 2020
$1,000 9th 2020 Diamond Las Vegas Open
$200 9th 2020 Scotty Townsend Memorial 9-Ball
$700 16th DCC 2020 1P Div.

 Dennis began playing billiards at the age of 8 in the house of his grandfather which was located in a remote town in Surigao Del Sur, on the island of Mindanao. At night he would sneak away to practice his skills while his grandfather was sleeping. Dennis’s prior job used to be a fisherman before he tried his luck in billiard. Dennis would expand his skills by playing games throughout different towns by finding means to travel and giving up many nights of sleeping.

He joined Bugsy Promotions in 2004. Dennis’s sheer determination and love for the game earned him the monicker  “Manila Money Game King". In the one month that he has been in the USA for the IPT qualifier, he won first place in the 2006 Open 9- Ball World Championship Bar Table Tournament in Oroville CA followed by the 2006 US Bar Box 8 Ball Title in Nevada. He has also placed fourth in the 2006 US Bar Box 9 Ball Championship.  He has been called the newest pool sensation in the US at that time. Since then, he now has several titles under his belt and in 2011 sealed his career with a world 8 ball title.

US Open 9-Ball Bar Table Championships - 2006

US Open 8-Ball Championships - 2006

World 8-Ball Championships - 2011

US Open 10-Ball Championships - 2012

China Open - 2012

Derby City Bigfoot Challenge - 2013