2014 U. S. Open 9-Ball Championships

First of all I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. 


My question to all of you is what to do for this year’s event?  The past several months of my life have been more difficult than maybe ever & I’m asking the pool world for your input.


My beautiful daughter, Shannon, left in November to pursue the real estate business and I know she will be great at it as she has been with anything she has ever accomplished & she has my full blessings.  Then in December, we all lost our beloved House-Pro, Dave Bollman, to cancer.  We all miss Dave very much.  We were together for 40-years. 


When I was 15-years old and began to wrestle, I read a sign in our practice room which read, “Winners never quit & quitters never win.”  I have lived my life with those 7 words, but now with so much to do at Q-Master Billiards, finding ample time for our 39th Annual is difficult.  I’m not saying no to this year, but what I am asking for is your valued opinions, which will help me decide on what to do this October.


We all want to be in one large ballroom as we were from 1997 – 2011 at the Chesapeake Conference Center, rent free.  Now they want $35,000 for the rental which makes it impossible to go back. 


The Marriot has saved October 12th – 18th for this year and I have to decide very soon.  So, again, I am looking for constructive criticism from those of you who truly know and have been here.


Many good posts have been greatly appreciated but at the same time some people who really don’t know write things that hurt very much such as saying my son’s daughters are awful singing our national anthem one night.  Anyone can say whatever they wish, but who can say they have stayed through the good, the bad and the ugly for almost 40-years.  Yes, I surely have made my mistakes along the way.  However, my passion for the game is undeniably true.  The U.S. Open is not a money maker.  Each year, I hope to break even or even, God forbid, make a few dollars.


So many kind people, sponsors, vendors and many more depend on me, each and every year to come through when there are fewer events worldwide and especially in America, which is just a shame.


No, I don’t want to quit, take a year off and regroup into a larger ballroom.  I want to continue on as always.   Having the support from my sponsors, our players, our vendors and the greatest fans in the world is what I need to have the strength to carry on again this year.


I will gladly place the $50,000 added money along with player’s entry fees into my SunTrust U.S. Open account which will be set-up for all to be able to click on anytime 60-days prior to October 12th – 18th, 2014.


I realize I have much to prove and as last year, all players will be paid on time at the event.


Last year’s open at the Marriot was much better than the year prior and by tweaking the main ballroom for better viewing it will be much better for our VIP’s and general admissions ticket buyers.


So, again, I’m asking for your input which will help determine what to do for this year’s 39th Annual U.S. Open.