Plans Announced for 2014 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships

I want to say thank you to all who have posted their concerns about this year’s event, our 39th annual. 


So here is my plan, imagine the conference center, 100 x 200 sq ft, ballroom with the Accu-Stats TV arena in the middle of the room with 7 tables on one side and 8 on the other.  Well, this will be exactly what will happen with this year’s set-up!  By having the TV arena in the center with 4 tables on each side, this will assure every VIP and general admission ticket holder will now see the smaller version at the Marriot and cap off the number of players to 128.


I will continue to add $50,000 and entry fees will decrease to 128 players this year and possibly also in 2015 unless the city allows us back with open arms and not charging $35,000 for rental.


Those who have played or have been a loyal spectator for years can easily picture in your minds the set-up being the same as when at the conference center using 9 tables rather than 16.


With me continuing to add $50,000 and the 128 players paying $1,000 each to play, it will still be 178,000.  Here is just one example of Payouts through 48 places:


2014 U.S. Open Payouts  
1st $25,000
2nd $13,000
3rd $8,000
4th $7,000
5-6th $5,000
7-8th $4,500
9-12th $4,000
13-16th $3,500
17-24th $3,000
25-32nd $2,500
33-48th $2,000


I’ve read all forum posts, have heard what you want and this is certainly the way to go this year with possibly more the same way next year.


I have always paid down deeper and again am paying 33rd-48th at $2,000 each while having 1st at $25,000 is about perfect.


So, while I’m getting all of my affairs in order for October 12th-18th for entry fees and VIP seat ticket holders who will still have one week to purchase the same seats before the general public can purchase seats(s).


I will also, 60 days prior, have my SunTrust U.S. Open account available for all to click on at anytime you wish and see the added money along with paid entry fees.  We will be reserving slots for the World's top players until 60 days prior to the event in order to assure our fans of having the best players in the world present to showcase their skils.


By downsizing I will have much less expense which is why I’ll still be able to add $50,000 and play in one room only as that’s what everyone including myself wants to see happen again.  This will be so much better for all to observe every table since the ballroom is 60 x 120 sq ft, not 100 x 200 sq ft.  The $1,000 entry fee and paying down 33rd-48th who will be receiving $2,000 back will surely bring the world’s top players and I will be pursuing and hoping for the W.P.A’s sanction, which is what I also want to continue doing. 


Also, doing the math using 9 tables and starting play at 10 AM we can also forget having matches starting late.  Possibly having match times at 10 AM, noon, 2 PM, 4 PM and evening matches such as 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM or 8 PM and 10 PM which again will stop late night matches starting at 11 PM or midnight from happening.


The Marriot’s ballroom will be very intimate at 7,200 sq ft in comparison to the 20,000 sq ft at the conference center.


Again I wish to thank everyone for posting on what to do for this year’s U.S. Open without taking a year off.  There was no way I could face doing that after all these years of being loyal to everyone involved for so long.


I would’ve felt more like a quitter than a winner which quitting is not or never has been in my blood.  This is the way to go this year and maybe it will be so good we all might want to keep it this way for many years to come!


We are working on the floor plan as I write this release to all of your kind people.


Again by having 128 players max, paying $1,000 while I’m still adding $50,000 will 100% indeed fill up the field especially paying deep.


You have all been very kind to me as I was not so sure how the outcome would be and I couldn’t be more pleased by your suggestions.  More info will be out extremely soon including the floor plan, table layout, VIP seats, players entry fees and more!