2015 American Rotation Championship Summer Sessions Finish Strong, Joe Dupuis and Stacie Bourbeau Regain their Titles

American Rotation's first National Champion Joe Dupuis and New England's first Women's American Rotation Champion Stacie Bourbeau, both regained their titles this summer. Joe Dupuis won the 6th National Amro Championships in Las Vegas NV at the Rio and Stacie Bourbeau won the 3rd New England Women's Amro Championships at Snookers in Providence RI. Both players exemplify professionalism and genuine sportsmanship towards the game. These two champions respect all aspects of the game and it is noteworthy that they show the same respect to the players they compete with. As expressed by many spectators, it's a pleasure to watch them compete and their skills continue to drive us to improve.

The Open Division of American Rotation had 16 players battling it out for the 6th National Championship title. Each player received entry into event as well as $800 to help cover their travel expenses. These 16 players played in a round robin format to decide who the top 8 seeds would be moving on to the single elimination phase of the event. Round robin stages were races to 120 points and Single elimination stage were races to 140 points. Congratulations to all the qualifiers that advanced to Nationals and placed 9th-16th Richard Andrews representing Bumpers AL, Rory Hendrickson representing Fargo Billiards ND, Rafael Reyes representing 1st Break VA, Chris Grader and Jason Noble both representing Ivory Billiards' where they had 20 players in 2 divisions, David Styers representing Press Box NC, Mark Morgan representing Grand China NH, and Terry Codner representing a South County RI home table division, where 10 friends started a division within their homes. Below are our Results from this event and Congratulations to Joe Dupuis for regaining his AMRO titile.

1st place $2400 Joe Dupuis ( #2 seed ) Stix & Stones, MA
2nd place $1400 Shaun Wilkie ( #8 seed ) Magic 8 Cue Club, MO
3rd/4th place $750 Tommy Najar ( #5 seed ) Marietta Billiard Club, GA
3rd.4th place $750 Ernesto Dominguez ( #6 seed ) Hardtimes Bellflower, CA
5th-8th place $450 James Blackburn ( #4 seed ) Gate City Billiards, NC
5th-8th place $450 Mike Dechaine ( #1 seed ) Snookers, RI
5th-8th place $450 Paul Hopfer ( #7 seed ) Teachers, MO
5th-8th place $450 Mark Vidal Claramont ( #3 seed ) Felt Billiards, CO

 The American Rotation Women's Division qualified the top 8 women in New England to battle it out for the 3rd New England Women's American Rotation Championship title. Each of these players received entry into the event and were guaranteed $320. Representing MA, their #1 seed Erica Testa NH, #2 seed Linda Huynh MA, #3 seed Lida Mullendore MA and #4 seed Karen Dor MA. These women qualified at Stix and Stones in Abington MA and would take on those who qualified at Snookers in Providence RI. Representing RI, their #1 seed Samantha Barrett MA, #2 seed Nicole Albergaria RI, #3 seed Stacie Bourbeau MA and #4 seed Becky Ellsworth-Tucker RI. The first round of the championships was a round robin races to 60 points. The top 4 moved onto a single elimination round where the races were to 80 points and finals was one race to 100 points. The excitement continued to build as the top 4 battled to reach the finals; Samantha Barrett, our last session champion, Stacie Bourbeau, our first champion, Nicole Albergaria, searching for her first AMRO titile and Lida Mullendore advancing to the single elimination round for the first time, improving each session. Below are the final result along with their standings and ball counts. Congratulations to Stacie Bourbeau for regaining her AMRO title.

1st $800 Stacie Bourbeau 2-1 first round(+98), semis (+38) finals (+30)
2nd $600 Nicole Albergaria 3-0 first round(+90), semis (+54) finals (-30)
3rd $420 Samantha Barrett 3-0 first round(+72), semis (-38)
4th $420 Lida Mullendore 2-1 first round(+30), semis (-54)
5th $320 Becky Ellsworth-Tucker 1-2 first round(-30)
6th $320 Erica Testa 1-2 first round(-36)
7th $320 Linda Huynh 0-3 first round(-72)
8th $320 Karen Dor 0-3 first round(-154)

For more information visit:  "http://www.americanbilliardclub.com/"  and  "http://www.womenplayamro.com/"

Championship Series 7 finals are scheduled for January 2016 in collaboration with the Derby City Classic so now is the perfect time to get your 10 players together to get someone qualified for the Derby City Experience.

We are also currently looking for 8-10 rooms to host our AMRO Women's Division, for those ladies that are interested in playing at a national level. American Billiard Club's 15 ball American Rotation is the best way to improve all aspects of your game. I want to thank CSI for allowing us to showcase AMRO at the BCAPL Championships. Thank you to Mark Griffen, Don Owens and Joe Tucker, who make up the American Billiard Club. Without their support and vision, none of this would be possible. And to the players, thank you for everyone's support and growing enthusiasm towards the American Rotation Championship Series.