2015 EPBF Youth Player of the Year Voting

The voting for the 2015 EPBF Youth Player of the Year is on. The votes will be separated in three categories:


  1. Public voting
    On the website http://europeanpocketbilliardfederation.com/youth-player-2015/everybody can vote for his/her favorite player. The voting will be open for the public until 15.7.2016. Then, the public voting will be closed and votes will be counted.
  2. Federations and Teamleaders
    Each EPBF member federation gets one vote and one vote extra for the respective youth team leader.
  3. EPBF Board and VIPS
    The Board of the EPBF and VIPS such as sponsors will also get a separate vote.


These three categories will be counted individually and in the end, the player with the most votes will be awarded will the title „2015 EPBF Youth Player of the Year“. The award will be given during the Youth European Championships this year in Tirana, Albania.


Up for voting are the following players:


Daniel Maciol (POL) - World Champion U17; European Youth Champion U17 in 9-ball

This young talent won his first medal at the age of 12 in Brandenburg in 2012. In Portoroz/ Slovenia he added 3 medals and in Sankt Johann he was one of the favorites for the medal ranks. He won the 9-Ball, was runner-up in straight pool and 3rd in 8-Ball.

His highlight was the title at the World Championships for boys U17 in Shanghai after his 3rdPlace in the previous year.


Maksim Dudanets (RUS) - 2nd place WC U19; EC straight pool youth; 2nd in 8-ball and 3rd in 10-ball

Maxsim played in 2015 in the U19 division for the first time and started with the first title as European Youth Straight Champion, runner-up in 8-Ball and the 3rd in 10-Ball.


Kristina Tkach (RUS) - 2 times EC youth (9-ball and 10-ball)

Since 2012 she has in total 8 medals in girls and women division on the European level.

In 2015, she won the title in girls 10-ball and 9-Ball and bronze medal in 8-Ball. In the women division she added another gold medal in 8-Ball.


Fedor Gorst (RUS) - 2 times EC U17 (straight pool and 10-ball)

In 2015 this young man from Russia played strong and deserved the titles in straight pool and 10-ball.


Krystian Cwikla (POL) - EC U19 9-ball; 3rd place WC 9-ball

In Sankt Johann, Austria, in 2015, Krystian was the European Youth 9-Ball Champion in U19 competition and 3rd in 8-Ball and deserved his ticket for the World Championships U19 in Shanghai. At his first World Championships U19 he took the 3rd place.