Daniel Maciol is 2015 EPBF Youth Player of the Year

Gre Leenders (EPBF President), Daniel Maciol

Poland’s Daniel Maciol has been awarded the honor to carry the title of the 2015 EPBF Youth Player of the Year.


The celebrations were held during the closing banquet of the Dynamic Billard European Championships Youth in Tirana, Albania, on Monday, August 1st. Nominated for the award Youth Player of the Year were:

Daniel Maciol

Kristina Tkach

Krystian Cwikla

Fedor Gorst

Maksim Dudanets


Since the vote was held in three steps, the outcome of the voting procedure was kept as a secret until the actual ceremony. Cwikla, Dudanets and Gorst finally tied for third place with 7 points each. Kristina Tkach achieved 11 points while Maciol received 14 points from the public voting, EPBF members and EPBF VIPs and officials. With this amount of votes, Maciol was the winner of the coveted title.


Together with the title goes a pendant consisting of gold with the inscription „Youth Player of the Year 2015“ and the logo of the European Pocket Billard Federation. The other side displays a pool table with balls and a cue stick on it.