2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup Team to Train at Elite Black Widow Camp

The Black Widow Foundation is no doubt shooting for gold by enlisting a cast of world class billiard professionals to ensure top US junior players viably compete and succeed in future international competitions.

In fact, "The Black Widow" Jeanette Lee has several elite professionals, instructors and industry leaders including: Johnny "The Scorpion" Archer, Allison "The Duchess of Doom" Fisher, Nick Varner, Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman, Tony Crosby, Donny Mills, Rolando Aravena, Don Wardell, Rick Doner, and Team USA captain Earl Munson coming together for her training camp in Tampa Bay, Florida this April to officially select and prepare Team USA for one of the most prestigious junior events in the world...the 2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup.

Ten highly intelligent and carefully selected Team USA junior members will attend Jeanette's second star studded Black Widow Camp for four fun packed days of professional skill training. Top junior attending players to be invited include: April Larson, Serena Black, Sierra Reams, Emily Herpel, Chris Robinson, Tyler Howell, Ryan Ponton, Shane Wolford, Ricky Evans, and Zach Gurganus. These Team USA members will not only be mentored by the world's top pro's but they will also become roommates with them at Jeanette Lee's private home to create a cohesive fun team bonding atmosphere.

Jeanette's ultimate goal is to provide these juniors a life lasting experience with these attending pro's and to give them the knowledge and advanced skills to compete and win this year's 2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup or any future national or international events that these juniors may attend.

The camp and the Black Widow Foundation was envisioned and founded by The Black Widow, who is committed to the mission of positive development of personal character, leadership skill sets and the training of aspiring youth amateur and professional billiard players. One of Jeanette's visions for the foundation was to develop an elite camp to offer junior players from any and all billiard organization affiliations the chance to attend and have world class professionals as mentors and instructors.

"My dream has been to bridge the gap between the top juniors and the professionals and build our kids into champions on and off the table and this is the answer," said The Black Widow. "I'm so excited!"

Last year, in recognition of her commitment to developing an elite US junior players camp, Jeanette and the Black Widow Foundation was approached by the Billiard Education Foundation's (BEF) Executive Director Samm Diep-Vidal to see if her foundation was willing to host, 100 percent financially support and prepare the six selected Team USA players for the inaugural 2015 Atlantic Challenge Cup. With a non-hesitating and enthusiastic "Absolutely!" by Jeanette, along with her Black Widow Foundation board of trustees' overwhelming approval, the Elite Black Widow Camp to train junior Team USA was officially launched.

The 2015 inaugural Black Widow Camp proved, without a doubt, to be very successful by the US team's positive experience and respectable results during the 2015 Atlantic Challenge Cup. For their ground breaking achievement the Black Widow Foundation was again enthusiastically invited by the BEF to host and financially sponsor this year's 2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup training camp.

The Black Widow Camp training host sponsor in the Tampa Bay area will be at Fatsos Billiards, with Robertson Billiards also providing donations and sponsor support. Other highly enthusiastic industry sponsors will support the team's training, as well as Iwan Simonis providing cloth and tournament balls to the training host site.

Jeanette and The Black Widow Foundation is sincerely thankful for the many donations, sponsors, and volunteers that will assist and ensure Team USA is in contention to winning the Atlantic Challenge Cup at this year's event being held July 8th - 11th, 2016 in Schaumburg (Chicago), Illinois.

American pride will be on the line for these juniors and the Black Widow Foundation has 100 percent once again committed its financial and world class training resources to ensure Team USA members will be prepared for the 2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup and the 2016 WPA World Junior Championships, being held again in China.

"Please be part of the Black Widow Foundation and Team USA by providing your financial and moral support," said The Black Widow. "Together we can bring back the competitive spirit of America by rebuilding our sport from the grassroots junior level. Thank you so much for supporting these juniors and on behalf of the Black Widow Foundation.........Go Team USA!"

Tax deductible donations to the Black Widow Foundation may be made directly through the 501(c)(3) organization, BlackWidowFoundation.org or by clicking a secure PayPal donate button.

Click here for more information about the Atlantic Challenge Cup. A new website solely dedicated to the Atlantic Challenge Cup will be launched in April.