2016 “Make-It-Happen” 8-Ball Invitational, November 17-20, 2016

Six of the most talented professional players were selected to compete in Accu-Stats’ 3rd “Make-It-Happen” 8-Ball Invitational.  They are:


Shane Van Boening  #1 Ranked U.S. Player                      

Darren Appleton       #1 Ranked 8-Ball Player                    

Jayson Shaw            3-Time Turning Stone Champion    

Rodney Morris          #2 Ranked U.S. Player, Hall of Fame

Corey Deuel             U.S. Open and All Japan Champion

John Morra               Super Billiards Expo Champion        


This four day event will be staged at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, New Jersey in the Aramith/Simonis TV Arena.  These events only work when supporters purchase “Make-It-Happen” packages which finance the entire production.  As always, 100% of the support money goes into the event.  Accu-Stats takes nothing.


The six players’ airfare and lodging is taken care of, and there are no entry fees.  Usually, players are out of pocket about $2,000 at most pro events after paying for their airfare, lodging, and entry fees.  At our “Make-It-Happen” events, the players get a free ride . . . LIKE THEY DESERVE!   They only have to focus on pocketing $1,000 for each win. 


The races will be to ten games on a 9’ Diamond Pro-Am Table with Simonis 860 Cloth and Aramith Balls.  The round-robin format has everybody playing everybody else. Every match is of “finals” caliber. After playing five matches each, the two players with the best won-lost record will advance to the finals for the title and another payday.


Every match is played in the TV arena, so whether you are there live, watching on the Internet, or viewing the DVD later, you won’t miss a single match.  Each one is covered in its entirety with our legendary expert commentators Bill Incardona and Danny Diliberto.


For more information about this event, go to accu-stats.com and see what you’ll get by supporting this event.  Cash prizes totaling $1,000 will also be awarded to our contest winners.  Don’t hesitate to call me personally at 973-838-7089.  You can “Make It Happen”.


Pat Fleming