2017 “Make-It-Happen” 8-Ball AND Straight Pool Invitationals November 11-18, 2017

Six of our current top professionals were chosen to compete in Accu-Stats’ 11th and 12th “Make-It-Happen” 8-Ball and Straight Pool Invitationals.  They are:
Shane Van Boening 5-Time U.S. Open Champion
Darren Appleton Chinese 8-Ball World Champion
Jayson Shaw Defending MIH 8-Ball Champion
Dennis Orcollo 2017 DCC Master of the Table
Corey Deuel 2017 8-Ball Classic Champion
Joshua Filler 2017 China Open Champion
TWO, not one, but TWO “Make-It-Happen” events will be featured for eight consecutive days at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, New Jersey in the Aramith/Simonis TV Arena.  With the help of supporters who purchase the “Make-It-Happen” package, this will be our finest MIH event to date.  As always, 100% of the support money goes into the event.  Accu-Stats takes nothing.
All of the players’ airfares and lodging are taken care of, and there are no entry fees.  A player is usually out-of-pocket about $2,000 at most pro events after paying for airfare, lodging, and entry fee.  At “Make-It-Happen” events, the players get a free ride . . . HOW NICE IS THAT?   They only have to focus on pocketing $1,000 for each win.  
The 8-Ball matches will be races to 10.  The Straight Pool matches will be 150 points.  The two separate consecutive events will be played on a 9’ Diamond Pro-Am Table with Simonis 860 Cloth and Aramith Balls.  The round-robin format has everybody playing everybody else. Every match is of “finals” caliber. With each event, after playing five matches each, the two players with the best won-lost record will advance to the finals for the title and another payday.
Every match is played in the TV arena, so whether you are there live, watching on the Internet, or viewing on VIMEO later, you won’t miss a single match.  Each match is covered in its entirety with expert commentary.
Also, some of our supporters will be contest winners and will be sharing $2,000 in cash ($1,000 for each discipline).  Where else does that happen? Nowhere!  Don’t hesitate to call me personally at 973-838-7089.  You can “Make It Happen”.
And last but certainly not least is that this promotion is known as a “two-fer”.  Supporters of both MIH events get them for a combined price of $300, previously the price for one MIH event! 
Does this interest you?  Read on.
Where Does Your $300 Go?
In addition to the prize money, Accu-Stats covers each player’s travel and lodging expenses.  They incur no entry fee costs either.  Our professional production crew is flown in for the Internet viewing and recording.  Accu-Stats provides shuttle service for the contestants as well as the attendees at no charge.  And let’s not forget the value of the products that YOU receive.  Considering all of these expenses, the budget for this event is over $75,000, really!  And none of the money goes to Accu-Stats.  It all goes to the production of the event.  And THAT’s why we need your support.  
What Do You Get for Your $300?
All 16 matches from each event for a total of 32 matches will be yours available on the Accu-Stats’ VIMEO.COM channel (https://vimeo.com/accustats).
50% off all other Accu-Stats DVDs from sign-up until June 30, 2018.
Free “Live Pay-Per-View” Internet for both events airing for you or someone else.
Commemorative shirt or mug.
An original 8” x 10” group photo autographed by the six players (priceless!).
“Shout Outs” on the air.
A listing of your name in the closing credits of each Video-On-Demand.
At least four supporters will share $2,000 in our “Won-Lost” Challenge. ($1,000 contest for each discipline)
We realize that most of you will not attend the LIVE event.  Yet, if you choose to be there, you’ll have free VIP seating too.
A credit card or check is needed as your commitment, and remember, you can always change your mind before the event begins.  Contact me personally to sign on or if you have any questions.  I’d love to talk to you.
OK, OK, if you only want to support one event, then you can for just $200.  We’re easy here, we have to be.