2nd Annual Korea vs USA Challenge

Rodney Morris

Kangwonland Casino, Korea- This year's Korea vs USA will deem to be even more exciting than last year. Last year, Korea gave a run for the money and surprised the USA Team by leading 6-4 on the 2nd day, making Team USA fight to come from behind to win 9-6. This year USA will face the an even tougher Korean Team.

USA line up will be led by recent IPT World 8 Ball Championships Runner Up Rodney Morris. "Rocket" Rodney will be making his USA Captain debut as he leads Top USA pros George "Flame Thrower" Breedlove, Tiffany "Rock" Nelson, and Jennifer "9mm" Barretta.

They will face an experienced Korean Team led by Korea born Captain Charlie "Korean Dragon" Williams, "The Black Widow" Jeanette Lee, World Champion Ga Young Kim, and 19 Year old Korea Pro Tour Champion Yuram Cha.

Kangwonland Casino will title sponsor and host the event this year. Kangwonland is the #1 premiere casino, hotel, and resort in Korea. Their facilities also include a new ski resort as well as first class spa and hotel.

Korea vs USA will be a 2 day event and aired live on MBC ESPN. This event will be played on Brunswick Metro Tables and is part of the Brunswick Korea Pro Pool Tour. The Official Cue of the event is Predator.

To see official flyer on event and details goto www.dragonpromotions.com

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe