4 Reasons to Start Watching Pool and Billiards

There are two sides to pool and billiards that exists in the sporting world. Firstly, it is an internationally recognised sport wherein competitions take place in various parts of the planet at regular intervals. However, the events are not always covered as much as other sporting tournaments putting billiards in a niche category, enjoyed by a select few people. However, even if you are not familiar with a game, doesn’t mean you cannot start taking an interest in it, and when it comes to pool or billiards, there are quite a few reasons to indulge in the sport.


Easy to Bet on


Most sports fans will know that besides the joy of watching your team play, there is a thrill associated with betting on them. While football, cricket, soccer, and ice hockey are all popular in the betting world, very few amateurs or even professional punters dabble in games such as billiards. However, when you look at some of the best sports betting sites in Canada or the UK or elsewhere, you will realise that they more often than not, carry odds for every major and minor event, including tournaments such as World Cup of Pool. With a limited number of player and easy to spot talent, betting on billiards can be significantly profitable when done with a little bit of pre-game analysis.


A Game of Skills


There's a compelling simplicity to billiards that has a complex background. It would be incorrect to believe that the sport lacks any expectations from its players, just because it comes across as "hitting balls with a stick." From having intricate knowledge in geometry to playing with the right touch, and a little bit of luck, in the end, billiards is a game of skills that once you get to understand will fascinate you immensely.


[photo id=51204|align=right]International Appeal


Due to the simplicity of the game, since it requires little in terms of space and organisation, billiards is easy to play anywhere. Its popularity is evident from the 32 teams in the 2019 World Cup of Pool that had players from countries like Australia, China, the UK, Chile, Japan, and Germany. Moreover, the games are as exciting as in any other sports with upsets like Chile beating the UK, making headlines in the sporting world. Also, leaving aside competitions, billiards is quite popular as a bar sport or in game centres frequented by youngsters and adults, in countries where there are no professional teams, making the sport a means of wholesome entertainment for all ages.


Simple to Understand


The most compelling reason to start watching pool or billiards is that they are easy to understand. There’s not much to the game in terms of rules, and it will take you merely a few minutes to understand the nuances of the sport. Let's face it, when a game is simple, it's all the more fun to watch because then you can focus on the actual playing, and if you are a punter, you have better opportunities of scoring big with each passing match.