5 Cool Billiard Games for your Phone

With the recent two years’ events, people sought different modes of passing one’s time. While some people picked cooking as the new hobby spending hours in the kitchen and searching for new recipes, others simply picked up their phones, opened the play store and downloaded the latest games. Out of many games played in the lockdown by people, Billiard is the one they liked the most. In this article, we’ll talk about 5 of the coolest billiard games that you can play on your mobile phone. Also if you are looking for the perfect device for gaming then you can view here.

Pool Break Pro 3D
We often hear the saying “Old is Gold,” and this game right here proves it in every way. Pool Break 3D is one of the oldest billiards games, yet one of the most loved ones by billiards players. The reason why this game is loved so much by the players is that it has an incredible variety of games to choose from. Here, you can play 3-ball, 4-ball, 6-ball, 7-ball, 8-ball, UK 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball. Not only this, but you can also play Carrom, Crokinole, Snooker, and many other games.

Also, if you are a beginner then this is definitely the game you should start with as it has very flexible difficulty levels. Pool Break 3D is believed to have quite realistic physics, so it surely won’t disappoint you there.

One thing that we would suggest is that you should not go for the paid version of the app in one go. The good news is that this app has a free version as well. So it would be better to first take a look at the game functionalities and figure out if it is the right app for you. If you find it convenient for you, then it’s up to you to switch to the paid version of the app, or you might as well continue on the free version.

8 Ball Pool
If you are someone who is fond of playing Billiards a lot, then there is no way you haven’t already heard about 8 Ball Pool, and trust us when we say it’s not overrated. 8 Ball Pool is popular among players for its versatility and diversity. The most interactive factor about this game is that you unlock various places in the game to play pool along with unlocking different table colors as you level up. This game has 15 million reviews and 100 million downloads. That in itself is convincing enough for you to give a go to 8 Ball Pool.

Billiards City
Another exciting billiards game that you can try is Billiards City. Along with the basic functionalities that most billiard games have, this one comes with quite a decent single-player mode. The game developers have made it next to impossible for you to become weary of Billiards City by complementing the game with a wide variety of unique and interesting table shapes, colors, designs, and configurations. Billiards City has one of the most realistic and fascinating billiards simulators. Billiards City will amaze you with the stunning HD graphics of the game, and you are definitely going to enjoy playing it.

Kings of Pool
If you are looking for a game with some absolute competitiveness, then Kings of Pool is for you. Along with decent graphics, it has leaderboards, and a trick shot engine to make the game even more interesting. You can compete with players from all around the globe using the online multiplayer mode. The game is augmented reality compatible and hence one of the most fantastic billiard games out there. The only minus point about this app is that it has a few bug issues. But the developers are working on it, and players can soon play this exciting game without facing any problems.

Pool Stars
The last on our list is Pool Stars. This is one of the simplest billiard games hence the most suitable one for beginners. The app provides you with different modes to play like multiplayer, single-player career mode, also featuring the leaderboards. One more interesting mode that Pool Stars features is the custom challenge mode.

The best part about Pool Star is that it gives you the choice of playing in a 2D or 3D mode according to your preference.

These were some of the exciting billiard games that, along with being simple, are also interesting to play. Most of the games mentioned are free, and you can very conveniently play them on your mobile phone to relax and have a good time.