Top-Ranking Pool And Snooker Games To Play On Your Phone In 2023

Cue sports have been a popular theme for mobile games since the launch of the first smartphone. Just as a TV screen is the ideal medium for showing snooker and pool action, so a smartphone screen also makes the ideal virtual table. With new games released every few months, it can be hard to keep up, so here, we take a look at some of the latest and greatest pool and snooker games available to play on Android and iOS.

Pro Snooker and Pro Pool 2022

First we have two companion games from the same developer, one focused on snooker and the other on pool. The physics are impressive, and cue action is clearly geared towards experienced players. Cue ball control is rewarded with success, especially in the snooker games, and if you can get stuck in around the black, it is possible to put together a match-winning break at a single visit. Variations such as a square or round table bring interesting new challenges, but it is the classic standard games of 15-red snooker and 8-ball pool that will keep you coming back for more.

Pool Eight Ball Slot 

This pool-themed slot game from Dream Tech was one of 2022’s most successful releases. It enjoyed particular popularity in Australia, taking pride of place among the top-ranked pokies – see for details of where to play. Set in a salubrious pool hall, the game boasts 243 ways to win and includes a good selection of special features including wilds, scatters free spins and a bonus game, so there is certainly more to it than simply watching the reels go round and hoping for the best. 

Pooking: Billiards City

Based on the classic 8-ball pool game that has been around for years, this game offers superior mechanics and physics and the ability to really fine tune your shot selection. Compared to the other games here, the table seems a lot smaller and the balls larger – but it is just as challenging to clear the table! A great choice if you like to keep things simple and get straight into the action. 

Billipool – Ball Shooting

Here’s a great game that combines aspects of billiards and pool. It presents a series of set pieces and challenges, and your cue ball control needs to be absolutely on-song if you are to proceed to the next level. Massively addictive, it’s one of those games where you promise yourself you will give it a break after one more level!

Snooker Stars

Tired of outfoxing AI opponents? This game gives you the opportunity to play against real competition in real time. If you can’t make it down to the local club with your buddies as often as you would like, it is an excellent alternative to the real thing. The mechanics are similar to other pool and snooker games we have discussed, but the sightlines are quite short, which takes a little getting used to.