A celebration to old school pool

That's right folks, an event to celebrate "old school pool" is finally official. June 24-26th. The 1st Annual Country Calvin Classic. 9 ball two foul pushout. We're bringin it back! And it will be livestreamed using HD equipment by PoolActionTV

The host venue for this memorable event will be Deep Pockets in Alvin, Tx. This pool room is very spacious and has a beautiful layout of 16 Diamond 7ft bar tables. 4 Diamond 9ft Tables and 2 9ft Gold Crown

For those who are not familiar with Calvin Harcrow, he is a real living legend of old school pool. As an honorable "road man" he has been in the box against many many of this games greatest players and it just so happens that there has been a 187 player invite list created for these players he has played over the years.  Check out this link to view the invite list and tournament thread.

On June 10th this invite list will no longer be in effect and the field will be open to all players starting with the alternate list. To be added onto the alternate list please contact one of the tournament Directors listed below. Keep in mind that there are many names on the invite list that are hard to track down and might not be able to attend this wonderful reunion of an event so do not be shy to include your name on the alternate list.

For any vendor information and/or sponsorship opportunities or any other information feel free to contact the promoters/directors listed below.

Ray Hansen       

Brandon Shuff