Poison Cues Pool School in Wyoming with Morris, Hundal & Williams

Charlie Williams teaches a soldier in Qatar how to make a shot
Poison Cues Pool School in Wyoming with Morris, Hundal & Williams

Saratoga, Wyoming- Poison Cues will bring world class billiard professionals Charlie Williams, Rodney Morris, and Raj Hundal to Saratoga, Wyoming for a special Poison Pro Pool School at Duke's Bar & Grill on April 2, 2012.  The Poison Pro Pool School was developed by Dragon Promotions and the format for Wyoming will be a four hour class developed to help players of all levels improve critical game skills such as breaking, cue ball control, power draw and follow shots.  Participants can expect to learn how to improve their overall technique and identify how to take their games to the next level.The Poison Pro Pool School follows the final day of the Wyoming Open tournament.

"Poison Cues is happy to support these educational programs for pool players. In addition to honing their skills and benefitting from the insights and experience of Charlie, Rodney and Raj, three of the very best, we'd like to have people try our Poison cues.  With our Poison brand, we've worked to develop a great line of cues with great playability at a great price.  The Poison Pool Schools are a great collaborative effort and a lot of fun.  We're proud to be a sponsor", says John Forrester, Chairman of The Predator Group.

"We had a full school last year. Pool players from Wyoming loved learning from the pros ! So much time was spent with each player and the live interaction really thrilled the students as Raj, Rodney and Charlie have outstanding personalities" , said EJ Glode. Glode is the host of the Poison School and promoter of the Wyoming Open which will be drawing 200 players to Saratoga.
Players can register for The Poison Pro Pool School before the event by contacting EJ Glode  ejglode@yahoo.com or 307-329-8924 or e-mail at propoolschool1@gmail.com or by calling (407) 782-4978. For more information, click on the following link:  https://www.facebook.com/dragonpromotionsnews 

Dragon Promotions set a new standard for pool schools and professional instructing by creating the Predator Pro Pool School and Poison Pool School programs over 10 years ago. The schools have featured top notch names such as Rodney Morris, Mika Immonen, Johnny Archer, Francisco Bustamante, Karen Corr, Jose Parica, Nick Varner, Ralf Souquet, Thorsten Hohmann, Charlie Williams, Raj Hundal, Tony Robles, Yu Ram Cha, and Efren Reyes. Predator & Poison Pro Pool Schools have instructed a variety of students in places such as Korea, Japan, India, and cities of the US like Chicago, Boston, Roanoke, Houston, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, and Virginia Beach.  For more information on Dragon Promotions' worldwide events and players, visit www.dragonpromotions.com and follow Dragon Promotions on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/dragonpromotionsnews.

Students coming  to the Poison Pool School may want to come earlier to join the Wyoming Open. Players from the west and all around the US will be competing in the 5th Annual Wyoming Open. The event is renown to be the biggest and best pool event in the state drawing over a 150 players in different divisions. From beginner, intermediate, and even pro/open level tournaments will all be available March 30- April 1. The event kicks in $8000 and every year pays out $25,000 in total cash prizes. This year a ladies event is also added to give even more variety and opportunities to players. The event is sponsored by Poison Cues by Predator and Asia's #1 cloth Andy Cloth will be the official cloth used during the event.

The events are majorly supported by the town's own businesses which include : Hotel Wolf, Duke's Bar & Grill, Valley Foods, Riviera Lodge, Carbon County, and Shively Hardware.

For more info or to play in the Wyoming Open contact EJ Glode  ejglode@yahoo.com or 307-329-8924

Poison Billiards, an international billiards industry leader, is a high-performance recreation pool cue producer focused on bringing cutting-edge designs, with Predator engineering for best-in-class playability, to billiards players worldwide. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Poison Billiards is a division of The Predator Group whose core brands also include Predator Cues and Uni-Loc. For more information regarding The Predator Group, visit www.thepredatorgroup.com. For information on Poison Billiards visit www.poisonbilliards.com.