A Note of Gratitude From Jeanette Lee

Jeanette following chemotherapy having a beach day near Tampa with her family. Pictured in the rear is her foster son John Kang and the girls left to right are Cheyenne, Chloe and Savannah.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and genuinely humbled at the success of the GoFundMe campaign being run on my behalf. We just crossed the $200,000 milestone and now it looks possible to reach our goal of raising $250,000, which I thought was crazy at first. It does give me a lot of relief that, no matter how short or long my remaining time with them is, and even while I’m out from the chemo, I can ensure they’ll be fine. I thank each and every one who has contributed. What is especially touching is that most of the contributions are small ones. Sure, there were some big donors (Thank you, Tony Stewart!!!) but most of the donations were from  normal folks and in the $20 range.  Even some of the bigger donations were local fundraising events from Muncie, IN to Charlotte, NC ( Thanks to you, too, Loree Jon!). Just so many people helping the best way you could, and also reminding me of my past encounters with you.

I’m in my third round of chemotherapy and as I am sure you know, chemo hits you very hard. It does look like it is having a positive impact. I remain resolved to fight this with everything I’ve got.  Because of your generosity, I can direct all my energy towards trying to beat this thing!

I owe you guys. Thank you.

Jeanette Lee
The Black Widow