Abraham on top at Blaze Stop 4

Eddie Abraham

Castle Billiard hosted the forth stop on the Blaze 9-ball tour in East Rutherford New Jersey. A turn out of thirty-two people made it out to play.

Carmen Lombardo led the top half of the bracket, with great wins over Antonio G, Joe Kong, and Chris Peralta scoring 7-2, 7-4, and 7-4. Lombardo had a close win against Cyndi Haefner and eventually came out the victor 7-5.

Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Matt Krah. Krah had wins over Gary Barnish and Jose Burgos, beating them both 7-3. Krah also won against Jason Michas and Mhet Vergara, with a final score of 7-4 over each of them.

Playing for the hot seat was Carmen Lombardo verses Matt Krah. The match went back and forth for some time, Krah pulling ahead in the end, beating Lombardo with a score of 7-6. The win over Lombardo sent Krah to the hot seat and Lombardo to the one lost side.

On the one lost side Eddie Abraham was running through players left and right. Mark Pantoric, Gary Barnish, Antonio G, and Marty Ciccia all lost disappointing losses to Abraham, with scores of 7-0, 7-2, 7-3, and 7-4 respectively. Mhet Vergara and Carmen Lombardo each lost by two against Abraham 7-5

In the finals it was Eddie Abraham verses Matt Krah. Abraham ran through Matt Krah like there was no tomorrow winning the match 9-3.

Complete Results:
1st Eddie Abraham $700
2nd Matt Krah $500
3rd Carmen Lombardo $300
4th Antonio G $225
5th/6th Gary Barnish, Joe Kong $150
7th/8th Eric Grasman, Trenton Marty Ciccia $100