Abraham wins PA State Title

A field of 47 players descended on Lucky Break Billiards in Indiana, PA over the weekend for the 5th Annual Pennsylvania State 9-Ball Championships.

The alternating break from the box format made for many close matches, and the match for the hot-seat was no exception. Ed Abraham, from the Philadelphia area, took the hot-seat with a hill-hill win over Dave Daya. Daya then lost to Lee Holt on the one-loss side and had to settle for third place.

Holt played well against Abraham in the final set, but was unable to do anything on his breaks. Only once was he able to make a ball on the break and he was forced to push out after that. Abraham was more than willing to take advantage of Holt's breaking misfortunes and scored a 14-7 win in the extended final match.

Abraham pocketed $3500 in prize money, while Holt took home $1700 for second place. Daya and Jeremy Seaman filled out the top four spots.

Complete Payouts:
1st Ed Abraham $3500
2nd Lee Holt $1700
3rd Dave Daya $1000
4th Jeremy Seamam $500
5th/6th Brandon Scuff, Pooky Rasmeloungon $400
7th/8th Don Steele, Matt Clatterbak $250
9th/12th Sean Graham, Bill Kirsher, Jayme Goodman, Bill Walk $150