ACA Announces Cuemaker of the Year

ACA Announces Cuemaker of the Year

The American Cuemakers Association annually presents two awards in recognition of outstanding cue making within the industry. The first is the “Cuemaker of the Year”, selected by an ACA committee. This award is based upon artistry and craftsmanship in cue making as well as professionalism within the industry.

For 2008 the ACA is proud to announce Jerry McWorter of Ventura, California as the recipient of this prestigious award. Jerry has been making cues since 1988 and is a charter member of the ACA. Additionally, he has served on the board of directors and is a past president of the association. An official presentation and plaque will be presented to Jerry at the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, in March of this year.

The second award is the “Peoples Choice ACA Cue of the Year”. Members of the ACA will have a cue on display at the association's booth at the Super Billiards Expo. Attendees at the Expo will vote on their favorite cue in the booth. The “peoples' choice” will be recognized as well as the cue maker at the Expo.

In addition to these two awards, Leonard and Janice Bludworth will also be presented a plaque in recognition for their hard work and dedication in founding the American Cuemakers Association. Leonard was also a past president of the association and a well known cue maker within the industry for many years.

The American Cuemakers Association was formed in 1993 to advance cue making as an art form and to recognize American-made cues as the best in the world. For more information on the ACA and it's membership, please visit the ACA website at