Accu-Stats Presents Francisco Bustamante Vs. Jayson Shaw: 10-Ball on the 10 foot Diamond


Race to 21.

In association with London Bridge Productions
Wednesday, 8:00pm EST. Pay-per-View.
Simonis Arena, Sandcastle Billiards, Edison NJ,

Scotland's Jayson Shaw, not quite a household name--even in Scotland--has snuck up on many a player who took him lightly, Ask Filipino World Champion and renowned money player Ronnie Alcano.

In many encounters, namely money matches, Ronnie, house pro at Sandcastle Billiards, has never beaten him. In fact, in their most recent bout, also to 21, he reached only 15 before Jayson dropped the broadsword.

Wes Bond, at Lucasi Cues, has been watching Shaw. Wes was so impressed, with his heart and finesse, that he added Jayson to the bulging stable of Lucasi cuemen that includes Thorsten Hohmann and Shawn Wilkie, just to name a few.

Francisco Bustamante, definitely a household name, has multiple 10-Ball accolades. He crowned them with a memorable 6 pack against Rafael Martinez that Accu-Stats captured for TV, and DVD, at the 2011 Derby City Classic.

Speaking of Derby City, last weekend, with winning in Bank Pool, and runner up in 1-Pocket, and 5th in 9-Ball, Bustamante was honored as the 2013 DCC Master of the Table. That coveted award, he also won in 2008. So, Shaw will have to show us his stuff.

Another question is, how quickly will the combatants master the additional challenge of the Diamond 10 foot, one piece slate? If anything can be learned from their past performances, this match will explode with sledgehammer breaks, multiple run outs, masterful shot making, and delicate safeties.

Some think that Shaw has the edge. His backers certainly do.

Will Braveheart prevail? One plus in his favor; Knowing his Scottish pedigree, he's no stranger to tight pockets and large expanses of felt; He, probably, honed his stroke on a snooker table! 

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