Southern Classic on Accu-Stats Live Now

Accu-Stats "LIVE" Pay-per-View of the Diamond Southern Classic

Diamond Southern Classic
Harrah's Resort and Casino
Tunica MI, July 20-28, 2012

The Accu-Stats' production suite is in full focus as its hi-def cameras begin the "LIVE" Internet broadcast of the 9 day, Diamond Southern Classic, Friday, July 20.

It's the same format as the Diamond Derby City Classic featuring 9-Ball, Banks, 1-Pocket and, 10-Ball…only this time with a twist - it's on the new 10 foot Diamond table!

Sponsored by Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Mezz Cues, OB Cues, Kamui Tips, and CSI, the multi-discipline action continues thru Saturday, the 28th with all day Friday, the 27th, being dedicated to the ten foot 10-Ball.

Can't be there to see the world's greatest vie for the highly valued prize of Master of the Table? Don't miss a stroke as Accu-Stats' 4 camera edit delivers every deadly blow, with graphic instant replays, to the comfort of your laptop.

Shane Van Boening was observed practicing in full mettle combat. Can he perform as he has in the last two Diamond Derby City Classics?  And, if he does capture the Master of the Table title, again, could that be considered a 3-peat?

See for yourself at

The LIVE, Pay-Per-View, Early Bird passes are now available for the remaining eight days of action. Regular Price is $79.60 - Early Bird Price is $67.95. Smaller packages will become available as the event progresses.

Or, you can view as you please for $9.95 per day.

Accu-Stats Media Productions will produce the event for broadcast by ESPN Star Sports to it's footprint of 26 countries in Asia. And, as always, an Accu-Stats Tournament Match DVD series will be forthcoming.