Action filled February in Michigan

February 2010 is a pool filled month for the Holiday Inn located in Alpena Michigan.  Three weekends out of four have pool tournaments scheduled.  The Holiday Inn is offering discounted room rates to all players and spectators for the events.  Be sure to let them know you are coming for the pool weekend.  You can make your reservations today by calling 877-660-8550.  They are located at 1000 US23 North, Alpena, MI 49707.  This hotel books up quickly for these weekends so be sure to call in your reservation now!

Players Tour Productions is working with the Holiday Inn along with local beer distributor, Huron Distributors, Inc to bring pool back to life in Michigan.  Huron Distributors is not only adding money to each weekend, they are also giving away merchandise such as, Budweiser sticks, shirts, ball sets, racks and more!  According to Greg Thornton, part owner of Statewide Billiards, a pool table sales, rental and recovery company, “the Alpena tournaments used to be so popular teams were turned away.  The balcony was so full of spectators that they thought the thing would buckle.” With a new group running the Alpena events this year, there are plans to advertise and push the events like never before to bring back those glory days of full balconies, full fields and great payouts.  One of the many changes made to that end is to hold a weekend for all A players to compete on a team together.  The all A team would also be allowed to have one AA or pro level player per team.  With $2000 added so far, this all A weekend has already drawn teams with players such as, Johnny Archer, Jimmy Mataya, Jason Kirkwood, Chris Bartram, Adam Smith and many more.  Johnny Archer has also been scheduled to perform an exhibition as well as offering 2 pool schools for fans to get one on one lessons and tips from Johnny.

If this weren't enough to bring out the pool lovers from Michigan and others states, Johnny is also   taking on Northern Michigan's own Bruce Wolf and young up and comer Mike Woloszyk in a 9 ball match up of South against the North!   Still not enough for some of the hard core pool lovers?  There is also an action matchup in the works against Johnny Archer.  The details are being worked out now so stay tuned to find out more details once they are finalized.

In addition to the all A weekend, the new group has also made way for an all B players team event as well. This finally allows B level players to compete against their own skill levels so any team can win!  As one gentleman put it, “I like having fun but after so many times of having fun, you start to want to have a chance to win too and if you don't, you quit playing!”  This allows the B rated players or less to have that equal chance to win!  Not to worry B teams………..if you go out of the event before Sunday, there is a 2nd chance tournament that is FREE yes FREE to the first 16 teams signed up that are out of the main event!  1st place Will Pay out $600 and 2nd place pays $400.  What more can teams ask for?

 There is also the Classic event that used to be closed off to anyone that wasn't from Northern Michigan, this event is now open to all players as long as ratings can be confirmed and they fit within allowed ratings for the team.  The Classic 5 person team event allows for no more than one BB and one A player per team.   The field is capped at 32 teams for the Classic as the Womens team event is being held that same weekend.  The womens team event will be capped at 16 teams and only one A player per team is allowed.

The month of February is sure to be a pool lovers fantasy month of non stop Friday night mini tournaments and weekend long team events.  Be sure to grab your spot today because they are sure to fill quickly.

Pool lovers schedule of events

February 5, 6, 7th

B team 8 ball event – double elimination

$200 entry if paid by Jan 22nd.  After Jan 22nd please add $50 late fee.

Friday, Feb 5th - 6:30pm.  Players meeting for the mini 9 ball event.  Single elimination, $20 entry,  race to 4.

Saturday, Feb 6th- 9am. Team meeting for the 8 ball team event.

Sunday, Feb 7th - 10am.  Final 8 of the main event and the start of the 2nd chance team event.  (2nd chance team event is single elimination)

February 11th
Johnny Archer Exhibition 7pm until 10pm or later

Johnny Archer Pool School – 2 classes available at $150 per person.

10am – 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. These classes are booking fast there are limited spots available so act quickly to get your spot!

Tables will be available for play Thursday so come out and get warmed up!!

February 12, 13 and 14th

A team 8 ball event – double elimination

$300 entry if paid by Jan 22nd.  After Jan 22nd please add $50 late fee.

Friday, Feb 12th – 6:30pm.  Players meeting for the mini 9 ball event. Single elimination, $30 entry, race to 5.

Saturday, Feb 13th – 9am.  Team meeting for the 8 ball event.

Sunday, Feb 14th – 11am.  Final 8 teams

February 26, 27 and 28th

Classic and Womens team 8 ball events – Classic is double elimination and womens is round robin format.

$200 entry if paid by Feb 5th.  After Feb 5th, please add $50 late fee.

Friday, Feb 26th – 6:30pm.  Players meeting for mini 9 ball event.  Single elimination, $20 entry, race to 4 (As and BBs race to 5).

Saturday, Feb 27th – 9am.  Team meeting for the 8 ball event.

Sunday, Feb 28th – 10am.  Final 8 of classic and finals of Womens.

If you have questions about these events or wish to contribute in some way to the events, please feel free to contact us at  To keep up to date on all events and results, be sure to log onto