AGIPI Billiard Masters 2009

Ever since the first edition of this prestigious event, AGIPI mixed all the ingredients to bring 3 cushion billiards to the level of any other professional sport: great champions, outstanding performances, fast-paced matches, a never before seen media coverage and a record prize money.

So how was it possible to improve on the second edition? Claude Fath, president of AGIPI and founder of the event, brings several answers:

The players' roster grows from 16 to 20, with the arrival of talents from all continents : World Champion Ryuuji Umeda from Japan, Peruvian hotshot Ramon Rodriguez and South Korea's star Kim Kyung Roul.

The event format is simplified with four groups of five qualifying eight players into the quarters, a total of 47 matches will be played (39 last season).

Pan-European channel Eurosport 2 is again the main broadcaster of the event and ups the ante on 3 cushion this year, offering Live and Prime Time shows for the last 4 days of the event (12 to 15 march, 2009). All 7 matches (1/4 finals, semis and the final) will be aired live across Europe, reaching more than 33 million households. A first in carom history.

Last but not least, the audience on-site will be pleased to experience a revamped and raised AGIPI auditorium which will offer a better angle of view from the back seats. Also, a new restaurant welcomes the public on the ground floor to grab something to eat between two matches!

In charge of TV and Web production, the Kozoom team will put everything into play to make everybody feel the AGIPI experience. will offer Live video and scores, interviews, matches highlights, photos...

The first session of play with 20 matches from groups A and B will be staged on friday 7, saturday 8 and sunday 9 of november. Don't miss it!