Albin Ouschan Wins Poison VG 10-Ball Championship

WOW!!!! WHAT A FINISH TO THE Poison Cues VG10!!!!

The Cuetec playoffs could not have ended any better! The first match between Fedor Gorst vs. Tyler Styer could not have been more entertaining. Tyler ran his first 5 rack and Fedor his first 4 racks. From there, Tyler missed his next rack and Fedor completed his next rack to knot the match back up at 6. Then Fedor makes his next 3 racks but Tyler makes his next 4 to get to 10-9 Tyler. Fedor makes his next point to get to 10-10 but since Tyler broke second, Fedor gave Tyler an opportunity to close the match. Tyler has a VERY fortunate bump on the 7 ball but then misses a very tough pot on that same 7 ball. This opens up the match from Fedor to get back into the match. Both players make their next point getting the match to 11-11 and into sudden death. Fedor has a tough layout and leave himself a length of the table straight in 6 ball bridging over the rail. He hanged the shot and opened the door for Tyler for his second match winning opportunity. Tyler gets a little funny along the way but finishes the run out for the win. If you are reading this WITHOUT watching the match, stop reading and go and watch the match. It is worth the watch!!!

Congratulations to Fedor for his great 3-4th finish and a cool $1,750. Tyler moves onto the finals.

The next match was also no disappointment. Albin Ouschan played Malaj Hill-Hill Nick in the second semi final. Albin starts out strong running the first rack. Nick misses the first rack to go down 1-0. The players flipped in the second rack to tie the match up 1-1. Both players make the next 4 points to get to 6-6. At that point, Albin missed 2 straight points but Nick breaks dry once while making the other point to give Nick a 7-6 lead. Then a miss and a dry break gave Albin the ability to run 2 point to get to an 8-7 lead which Nick then ran to tie the match up again at 8-8 with even games. Albin runs to get to 9 which Nick quickly follows. Both run again to get to 10-10. Both run AGAIN to get to 11-11 and the second straight Sudden death match. Albin runs and anti-climactically, Nick scratches for a disappointing ending to a great match.

Congratulations to Nick Malaj for his great 3-4th finish and a big $1,750 payday. Albin moves onto the finals.

The finals started off slow with Albin breaking dry and Tyler scratching on his first rack. It picked up from there with Albin making his next 7 points before scratching and Tyler making 6 of his next 7 to make the score 7-6. They hold serve from there to get to 9-8 Albin only missing 1 rack a piece. From there, the nerves start to play a roll in the match and both players start missing a few balls or breaks. Albin gets to the hill first at 12-9 but really struggles to get a good open rack from there. Tyler gets the match back to 12-10, but is unalbe to close the gap with a few missed balls and a dry break.

Albin plays GREAT from start to finish in the Poison VG10 to win the event and it’s $5,500 first place prize. Tyler struggled just a little bit down the stretch but all-in-all played like a monster and enjoys second place and a nice $3,500 payday.