All Loyal Players, Fans, and Vendors

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer, happy & healthy. My architect Keith and Brandon from Commonwealth Events who has built our floor plans for years, have finished tweaking, in our opinions, maybe the best plan ever by using the same layout style as we did at the Conference Center. There will not be any obstructions regardless of where you sit. Isn’t that nice.

We have gone crazy good by having all platforms raised high enough, 16 inches above the one in front of all rows and on both long sides, one being 2 rows high & the other being 3 rows high. The first platform will be 16 inches above the third row of seats in the pit around the T.V. table located center court. As they say in poker, “I’m going all in” this year as I have much to prove and nothing will get in my way.

Thank you gentlemen who have sent in the $250.00 deposits to assure you will have one or two spots held for your rooms to send your best local qualifier winner. I’m very emotional to be receiving so much interest from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Aruba, and more. How sweet it is.

Roberta Agnor, now being a big part of Q-Masters’ team as well as her commitment every year at the Open, is now my bookkeeper full time along with calling all of our loyal VIP ticket seat holders and much more. We love ya!

Also having an amateur event in the other 2 ballrooms the weekend just prior during the week and ending just before the finals will add more excitement this year. More good news is on the way and I’ll be in Vegas in 3 weeks available to answer any and all questions from players and vendors.