Allen Hopkins and Earl Strickland – A guest editorial

Allen Hopkins and Earl Strickland

In all of my 35 years being involved with professional pocket billiards, there has never been more of a disgrace to the game as it is now.

Why Allen Hopkins and Earl Strickland haven't been inducted into the Hall of Fame is a huge "Hall of Shame", and a crying shame also.

Both of these men have accomplished more for the game than could be accounted for, page after page. They both have spent their entire lives for the betterment of the sport. No offense to those who are already in, but there's no excuse not to have included these two gentlemen. Just let their records speak for themselves. Why do politics usually rule instead of pure facts?

I suggest the B.C.A. Board should do what major league baseball has done for years and allow the public to cast their votes annually for the all the all-star picks. As the public votes are what really count, no politics.

Barry Behrman

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe