Allen Hopkins — A Growing Personality

Allen Hopkins (NBN Archive)

Allen Hopkins played a few more tournaments this year and has come back strong. During the “Shootout on the Boardwalk”. we talked with Allen about his return to competition,7-Ball, and his color analysis job on TV. He had some interesting things to say.

NBN: We noticed you have gotten back on the tournament circuit, what has stirred your competitive urge again? 

HOPKINS: I have always been competitive. I love playing in tournaments for big money. I think that is why I started playing in certain tournaments again.

NBN: Your win at the Rivermont Open was your first in a while, how did it feel? 

HOPKINS: There are only a few big tournaments a year anyway and I don’t care who you are, you have to be fortunate to win the one you want. I wanted to win the World 9-Ball Tournament and I did. That makes me feel great.

NBN: We keep seeing you more and more doing the color analysis on TV. Are you going to ease up on the tournaments and devote more time to that job as the TV events increase?

HOPKINS: I’m not sure right now, but I feel the public deserves to know what pool is all about. As a commentator I am more able to help them understand the different games better. I feel I know pool well enough to answer any questions anybody would want to know. I would rather play, but I will wait until the time is right.

NBN: How about the new game, 7-Ball, what do you think of that?

HOPKINS: I think it is a great game for TV because it is fast and exciting. Also it is easy to understand.

NBN: How about some winning tips on 7-Ball? The Break? 1. What ball do you aim for? 2. Where do you place the cue ball? 3. How do you strike the cue ball?

HOPKINS: Hit the one square, 4 to 6 inches either side of spot, hit cue ball in the center with no english.

NBN: If the opponent breaks, how do you determine what side to take for pocketing the 7-Ball?

HOPKINS: Whatever side the ball is closest to. Also look to see where the six ball is so you can play easy position on the seven.

NBN: Would you like to see the game toughened up for the pros?

HOPKINS: Yes, but when the cameras are on and the money is bigger, it will make it tougher.

NBN: Allen, you did the analysis on the “HOT SHOTS” event Do you think 7-Ball is a good game for the ladies?

HOPKINS: Yes, I think 7-ball is an excellent game for the ladies, it’s fast and requires

NBN: What has been your most rewarding moment from pool so far?

HOPKINS: When I won my first world title.

NBN: What direction is the future going to take for Allen Hopkins?

HOPKINS: That’s a good question, but I can’t answer it. It all depends on what direction pool goes. Remember I am a Professional Pool Player and my life depends on Pool.

This article originally appeared in the February 1984 issue of the National Billiard News and is reprinted with permission.