Allen Hopkins Supports ABP

Sanctioned Event and Promoter of 2012 Super Billiards Expo

Chicago, IL
- The ABP has been making strides for the betterment of pool players and promoters alike. The newest development of the ABP and professional pool comes with the full cooperation and support of  legendary player and promoter Allen Hopkins with his annual Players 10-Ball Championship . The Super Billiard Expo will celebrate its 20th year in 2012, in a new, larger, and more accommodating facility for players and spectators alike.  This will be the first fully sanctioned full ABP ranking points tournament. Allen has fully committed his support to the players by listening to the players' desires to help make pool better for everyone. By making minor adjustments to rules and length of play, Allen has stepped up to the plate and met the ABP's requests to make pool a sport of skill.
"It's like a breath of fresh air finally having a promoter who wants to work with the professional players without any issues or agendas. Allen is a promoter who truly understands the importance of a strong men's professional association. He wants the players to be able to play by the same rules, format, and have a voice. He is definitely a role model for all other promoters to follow", said Rodney Morris, Vice President of the ABP.
"I've been a player my whole life, so I'm always going to support the players. I'm a promoter, but in my heart a player first. When it comes to prize money, players should always be paid in full and on time. That's why I support the ABP and what they are trying to do", said Hopkins. Allen Hopkins is a 40 year veteran of the game and one of the sport's most successful promoters. Hopkins was recognized for his achievements and inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame in 2008 in the Greatest Player category.

The Super Billiards Expo will be March 8-11, 2012 at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks. It will be the 20th anniversary event, the largest and longest running independently owned expo show in billiards history. The new venue has double the space which allows The Players Championship to expand to 128 players. The Players Championship will use ABP rankings to seed players and follow all ABP Format and Rules to standardize the game.  Last year, the SBE had 120 vendor spaces and now it will nearly double with over 200 vendor spaces available. There will be an additional 32 tables in a separate room and they will host daily tournaments for all players with a total of over 200 tables on site hosting the World Artistic Championship and a Pro 3-cushion event.
"The timing is great with the ABP launching alongside our 20th Anniversary of the Super Billiards Expo. With the top ABP pros there,  along with the vendors, industry leaders, fans, and amateurs, this will be one of the best billiard extravaganzas we ever hosted", said Allen Hopkins, Jr., who has been his father's right hand man in producing the huge show each year.
Allen Hopkins, Sr. adds, "I'm a little anxious about it all because it's a big move. But we have much more space, double the parking, and a new hotel built for the SBE 2013. I'd like to make this event eventually the major trade show of the billiards industry. There's huge potential here at the new venue to expand, so,  all in all,  it's a very good thing."
In 2012, the ABP plans to sanction more events and in that regard will be introducing the ABP International Ranking Point System which has been created by ABP associate Joel Pope. The ABP will also be introducing the ABP Rules & Format which it hopes will standardize the sport further. The planned integration will be a process, and the ABP is not expecting an overnight change, and is ready to work with promoters and associations to take time to integrate these needed changes into our sport.

"Allen is a good friend to the tour, and to the professional players. He's the kind of man and promoter we can always count on", said Johnny Archer, ABP President.
"The conversation with Allen on sanctioning his event with the ABP took less than 2 minutes. He agreed right away without hesitation. He didn't ask for any concessions or demands. Allen thinks it's the right move for the players to make uniform the rules and guidelines.  He understood what the ABP is trying to do and he has always believed in the men professionals being together. He's a true professional and a class act", said Charlie Williams, fellow promoter and ABP Board Member.

The ABP would like to thank Allen Hopkins, Allen Hopkins, Jr. and the rest of the Super Billiards staff for their support of pool, the ABP, and for their dedication and hard work. The ABP is looking forward to helping make the Super Billiards Expo 20th a success.

Some of the prominent members of the ABP that will be supporting the SBE this year include Shane Van Boening, Mika Immonen, Darren AppletonThorsten Hohmann, Dennis Hatch, Shawn Putnam, Stevie Moore, Mike Davis, John Schmidt and many more.

The Super Billiards Expo was founded by BCA Hall of Famer Allen Hopkins in 1993. Since that time it has grown into the largest billiards retail consumer show in the world with thousands of people attending daily. It also hosts the largest open non-league affiliated tournament with over 1300 players, tournaments for juniors, women, seniors and over 100 vendors. Visit or email  Follow on
The ABP is a united assembly of international professional billiard players. The ABP was formed to be the voice of players worldwide in order to assist in tournament and industry challenges. ABP directives include standardizing equipment, rules, ennsuring the timely payment of prize money, assisting promoters and sponsors, and the overall protection and security of professional players. The ABP works to improve the sport of billiards and jointly works with associations, promoters, sponsors and players alike in the joint goal of growing the sport and providing security to all involved. Membership of the ABP includes players from Europe, Asia, and the United States. To join and support the ABP,  e-mail and visit